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Step 7: How to prevent bill shock/data overages
Step 7: How to prevent bill shock/data overages

Prevent bill shock using the Iridium GO exec

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GO exec Unlimited PredictWind Data Plan.

The simplest way to prevent bill shock or data overages with the GO exec is to select the Unlimited PredictWind Data plan when activating your SIM card. This plan provides unlimited PredictWind data and services, subject to terms of use, and pre-paid AnyApp data when you need Internet access. You can read more about the Unlimited PredictWind Data plan or change to the Unlimited Plan now.

Important Note: GRIB downloads in the Offshore App are limited up to 4MB/day and 1.5 MB per individual download. Please see the Unlimited Data Plan page and click Learn More for more information.

If you have already bought or switched to the Unlimited PredictWind Data plan, please proceed to Step 8: Installing the GO exec on your boat.

For all other GO exec plans it is essential to read on. You may consider switching.

Overview for other GO exec Voice/Data plans

As satellite data is more expensive than cellular data, you must monitor your data usage. Avoid bill shock with the PredictWind Data Manager limits and email alerts enabled by default in the Satellite Portal, including:

  • 80% & 100% monthly allowance usage alerts

  • Daily limit alerts

  • Cut off limits for monthly voice and data overage

In addition, it is easy to view your usage on our Satellite Portal, and the Offshore App displays the estimated data usage required before each weather download.

PredictWind Data Manager

To view your PredictWind Data Manager settings:

  • Open the Alerts & Cutoff page in the Satellite portal.

  • Click the Iridium GO! exec button.

  • By default, you will receive email alerts at 80% and 100% of your plan allowance.

  • You will also receive an alert each day if your usage exceeds the Daily limit.

  • By default, these alerts are sent to your satellite account email address, and all PredictMail accounts you set up.

  • The default Alert Settings are shown below.

Important Recommendation - Default Data Manager Settings

PredictWind recommends using the default settings as they are most suitable and safest for customers. The defaults have been set carefully based on actual customer usage and feedback, with consideration for your safety while offshore.

Once cut off, your GO exec will not work, and you will not be able to connect using the GO exec to adjust these Satellite Account settings using your web browser. To reconnect before you reach your next port, you must use another means of communication to ask for help updating your satellite plan settings.

Iridium GO exec Firewall profiles

Important Note - Default All Open Web/App Profile

The Iridium GO exec device and App are default set to the All Open Web/App Profile.

You can see the current Web/App profile selected by tapping the globe Internet icon on the GO exec touchscreen or in the App when your mobile is connected to Iridium Wi-Fi.

The Active Web/App Profile is the Firewall setting the GO exec applies when you connect it to the Internet. When connected, the All Open Web/App Profile allows all devices connected to the GO exec via Wi-Fi or Ethernet full access to the Internet. Changing the Web/App Profile is critical to avoid bill shock.

Recommendation - Set the Web/App Profile to All Blocked

As a default, while the device is on standby, we recommend setting the GO exec to the App/Web profile All Blocked. If you connect using other profiles, you are likely to experience bill shock. Please read GO exec Web/App Profiles for data sessions to learn more.

To check your Web/App Profile and set it to All Blocked:

  • Connect your mobile device to Iridium GO exec Wi-Fi and open the GO exec App.

  • Tap on the White Globe Internet icon in the App menu bar.

  • Tap Web/App Profile.

  • Swipe to the end of the list that appears and tap All Blocked.

PredictWind Apps and the DataHub automatically connect through the GO exec using the All Blocked profile. They open only the firewall ports they need to connect and transfer your data, e.g., GRIB downloads, GPS tracking updates, or sending/receiving PredictMail emails.

Getting started in the first month

Your pro-rated voice and data allowance

The plan cost and allowances allocated in your first month are pro-rated based on your activation date. This means your first invoice is usually only for a part month, and you will not be billed for the full monthly plan. Accordingly, a pro-rated number of voice minutes and data MB are available for you to use before you incur any overage charges.

Important Note: The billing cycle for the Iridium GO exec is from the 17th of the month 00:00 GMT to the 16th of the following month at 23:59 GMT.

Please see the table below for examples of how the pro-rated allowances would apply if you activated the SIM card on the GO exec 250MB plan in June.

June Activation Date

Next Billing Cycle Start

Voice Mins

Data mb


16th June




16th June




16th July




16th July



Use PredictWind Apps and Services to save data

Given the opportunity, your devices and most apps will quickly transfer a lot of data when they can connect to the Internet. Even when you aren't using them, your email, social Apps, and automatic backups or system updates will attempt to transfer data in the background on your phone.

PredictWind Apps and services have been designed and optimized for low-data use offshore with the Iridium GO! and GO exec or other satellite connections. Please follow these instructions to avoid experiencing bill shock due to high data usage and overage charges.

  1. PredictWind Offshore App

  2. The Datahub Firewall

  3. PredictChat - SMS and WhatsApp through the GO exec

1 - Offshore App

In the Offshore App, when you set the Download Method to Iridium GO! exec and tap to Download, if connected to the GO exec via Iridium or DataHub Wi-Fi, the App automatically opens the Iridium GO exec firewall to download only the weather data you have chosen. This App compresses all weather data, so it is by far the most efficient way to download data.

For more information about downloading GRIBs and weather routes via the Offshore App please see Step 5 How to use the PredictWind Offshore App.

2 - The DataHub Firewall

To optimize your data allowance, the DataHub has been designed to group requests from multiple Apps and Services into a batch and process all requests in the current batch when connected. This provides optimum efficiency from the minimum number of connection sessions.

For instance, if GPS tracking is enabled, the unit will periodically connect to send a GPS tracking report. While connected, it will also send and receive any new PredictMail in the same session. Iridium has set a minimum billing increment of 5 kb on the GO exec. By consolidating these tasks together in one batch and session, your data allowance is saved significantly compared to initiating a connection for each service independently.

Additionally, this is automated for you, saving you time! Enabling the DataHub Firewall and pooling GPS Tracking & PredictMail/PredictChat messages to route through the GO exec is part of the DataHub setup process.

3 - PredictMail

The PredictMail service is designed for the Iridium GO exec installed with a DataHub. When used through a regular email App connected to the Internet, it uses a fraction of the data compared to regular email services such as Gmail, Apple Mail, or Outlook.

PredictMail and the DataHub act together to collate, compress and filter your email when you’re offshore using your boat’s satellite connection. They allow you to transition seamlessly from Wi-Fi or your device's mobile data connection to offshore with your phone, tablet or laptop using any compatible email App. Your email will continue from in-town to offshore whilst being automatically compressed to save your satellite data allowance when you need it to.

If you use regular email Apps such as Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail on the All Open, Gmail, or Outlook Iridium Web/App profiles, you will quickly use your data allowance. On average, each email on a regular email client will use 0.2MB and may cost up to US$1. Setting up PredictMail is included in step 3 of the DataHub setup guide.

4 - PredictChat

PredictChat is a free add-on to PredictMail that allows you to send SMS and WhatsApp text and voice messages, pictures and files to your friends and family via the DataHub and PredictMail. PredictChat complements the GO exec, adding messaging capability without using the GO exec's WhatsApp Web/App profile.

PredictChat is ideal for all customers with PredictMail who have a GO exec and a DataHub. It is an excellent reason to buy PredictMail if you have not already done so. You can read more here about how to setup and use PredictChat.

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