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Step 8: How to install the GO exec on your boat
Step 8: How to install the GO exec on your boat

How to physically install the GO exec on your boat

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Important Note for customers with a GO exec and DataHub

If you purchased a DataHub with your GO exec, now is the right time to set it up before you install the GO exec on your boat.

Please proceed to the DataHub Setup Overview to start setting up your DataHub before installing the GO exec on your boat.

When you reach Step 4 of the DataHub setup, please return to this article and read both together before you complete the physical installation of either device.

GO exec Installation

You must mount the Iridium GO exec and the external antenna firmly and correctly to ensure a strong satellite connection and signal.

The GO exec antenna you use, internal or external, needs an unobstructed, clear view of the sky and horizon, away from marinas' and port authorities' radio frequency interference. To thoroughly test the connection, the boat may need to be moved away from the harbour and surrounding buildings or land by up to 1 NM.

Please read all the important information below before running any cables for the external antenna, power source, voltage, mounting, etc. It will most likely answer any questions. We recommend you read this article on a computer with a large screen.

GO exec installation

GO exec Fixed Installation Location

  • Find a dry location for the GO exec inside the vessel, away from direct sunlight and with good ventilation. Exposure to high temperatures can result in overheating and battery damage.

  • If possible, install the GO exec, where you can see and use the touchscreen.

  • A fixed installation inside the boat requires an external antenna. Using the internal paddle antenna will not work inside the boat.

  • Test the location of the GO exec and external antenna before permanently fixing them.

  • Avoid installing the GO exec near instrument panels, which may cause radio frequency interference.

  • The GO exec includes a plastic case with a friction fit. If you can install the GO exec inside the cabin, PredictWind recommends screwing this lid to a flat horizontal surface. Insert the GO exec into it with the touchscreen facing upwards.

  • If installing the GO exec into the lazarette, put it inside a marine waterproof case with a waterproof gland for the cabling. With the rubber seals opened for an Ethernet cable, power or external antenna, the GO exec is not IP65-rated. This is why we strongly recommend a marinized case.

GO exec Vertical Installation - important

  • Fixed vertically to a bulkhead with the touchscreen facing outwards, the GO exec can easily fall out of the plastic case, damaging the device or external satellite connector.

  • To install the GO exec vertically, you must securely strap the device to the bulkhead using velcro or a similar method.

GO exec Power

  • The GO exec uses a negative ground system. When using a DC power source, such as a car or boat, the power system must be a negative ground system. Do not use the device with positive ground systems. Failure to properly ground the GO exec could cause a fire or device failure, making it unavailable in an emergency and preventing or delaying emergency response.

  • Use the GO exec with Iridium-supplied power accessories ONLY. Using non-Iridium-supplied power accessories risks exposing the device to excessive voltage, which could cause a fire or device failure, making it unavailable in an emergency and preventing or delaying emergency response.

  • If you use power accessories not supplied by Iridium, it may void your warranty in the case of a power-related fault with your GO exec.

  • The GO exec must not be connected directly to your house 12v batteries. If you try connecting 12v to the GO exec, it will blow the charging circuit inside.

  • If you install a dedicated USB power socket on your boat for the GO exec running from your 12v house batteries, we recommend purchasing a high-quality USB socket. Install it with a 3-amp fuse on a dedicated power circuit.

PredictWind recommended vessel network and product electrical wiring diagram

Please review the diagram below on a computer with a large monitor, so it is easy to refer to. Either click on the image to open it in a new browser tab or click here to download a PDF version as this may be easier to zoom and resize next to your browser as you read through the next steps.

Move on to Step 9

You are now ready to move to Step 9 - External antenna installation.

If you do not have an external antenna, please move on to GO exec Setup Review and next steps.

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