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Step 5: How to use the PredictWind Offshore App
Step 5: How to use the PredictWind Offshore App

How to use the Offshore App to download weather GRIBs, run weather routes and do departure planning.

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How to use the PredictWind Offshore App

The PredictWind Offshore App has been specifically designed to work with the Iridium GO exec to compress and optimize data usage so you can seamlessly download weather GRIBs, run weather routes and do departure planning.

Important note

When your mobile or laptop is connected to the Iridium GO exec via Iridium Wi-Fi, the Offshore App will automatically open an Internet connection on the GO! exec using the All Blocked profile to download your weather GRIBs, weather routes, etc.

Before you use the Offshore App, check that Internet on the GO exec App is DISCONNECTED, that the Web/App Profile is set to ALL BLOCKED and the GO exec LED light is pulsing GREEN. If you tap on the Globe Internet icon on the touchscreen or in the GO exec App, it should look like this:

On this page, please look for:

  • Consistent satellite coverage strength of 3-5 bars. This is required to use data.

  • EXT or INT will appear above the coverage bars, indicating whether the External or Internal antenna is in use.

  • The battery status on the top right is charging or above 20% when using the device.

  • The Connection Status is Not Connected. this means the GO exec is not actively connected to the Internet right now.

  • The Web/App Profile selected is ALL BLOCKED. This Profile is used by Offshore App and for the DataHub to send GPS positions, AI Polars, etc. Tap to set this as the active profile. To avoid unexpected data transfers use other Web/App Profiles only when required. Do not leave the Web/App Profile set to All Open when not in use.

How to download weather GRIBs, run weather routes and do departure planning in the Offshore App

  • Open the Offshore App (click the image below to enlarge it if required)

  • Tap the Download menu or tap the hamburer menu first to see it.

  • Tap Download Method and set it to Iridium GO! exec.

  • Tap Offshore Optimized Settings (Disable Weather Routing if you have

    not set this up yet).

  • The download size should be between 50kb - 400kb.

  • Tap Continue to Download.

  • Check the Signal is 3-5 bars and the Status is: Ready to Connect.

  • Tap Download All.

On a PC or Mac before you download, the Download page should look like this:

Important Note

Please allow 1-3 minutes for your GO exec to connect and complete the download. You should hear your GO exec chirp as it connects. If your download has not completed within 1-3 minutes it is most likely due to fluctuating satellite coverage. Please tap Stop Downloads, wait until you see 3-5 bars of steady satellite coverage, or reposition your device to where it has a clear view of the sky and horizon, and try again.

You can learn more about the Offshore App and download it on this page.

Move on to Step 6

If you have successfully downloaded weather GRIBs and a route in the Offshore App, congratulations! You are ready to move to Step 6: How to setup SOS with the Iridium GO exec.


Please see the article GO exec the Offshore App is not working for a guide to troubleshooting downloads in the Offshore App.

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