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GO exec - How to reset the Iridium GO exec
GO exec - How to reset the Iridium GO exec

How to reset or factory reset a GO exec

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The Iridium GO exec has a physical reset button inside the SIM cover. You will need a small paper clip or similar (nothing to sharp) to press the button through the small hole.

GO exec device - Reboot and Factory Reset (Best Method)

  • Reboot - Pressing the button for >1 second and releasing it while the unit is powered on will force it to reboot.

  • Factory Reset - Pressing the button for more than 10 seconds while the unit is powered on will force it to perform a factory reset. The unit will automatically shut down and then reboot.

  • During rebooting, it will show the following screen to indicate it is performing the factory reset. There are no screen prompts.

  • After completing all configurations, all Settings, Call History, ESP Configuration, Admin & Screen Lock PINs will be deleted.

  • Important Note: After a factory reset, you must reconfigure the SOS feature.

If connected to a DataHub via Wi-Fi, you will also need to re-connect the DataHub to the GO exec Wi-Fi if you have set a custom Wi-Fi password, as this will have been reset back to the default password: password

Alternative: Reset via GO exec App or GO exec device touchscreen UI - Erase All Settings and Data

You can also erase all data and settings to effect a factory reset of the GO exec through the Iridium GO exec App. To do this:

  • Open the App and tap the Settings wheel.

  • Tap Device Settings.

  • Tap Admin settings.

  • Swipe to the bottom and tap Erase All Settings and Data.

  • Important: Please do not activate storage mode after erasing all data and settings.

  • Tap Reset.

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