Step 5: DataHub Setup

DataHub setup for customers subscribed to the GO! Unlimited Plan only

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The next step is setting up the PredictWind DataHub. The PredictWind DataHub is an essential companion device for the Iridium GO! with the Unlimited Plan on a boat. It allows you to:

  • Use the most accurate GPS tracking based on the DataHub or your boat's GPS.

  • Generate and upload your boat's AI Polar to optimise your routes based on your boat’s real-time data and your unique sailing style.

  • Share your boats NMEA2000 data, including AIS, over DataHub Wi-Fi in NMEA0183 format to connect your navigation Apps e.g. Navionics, AquaMaps and OpenCPN.

  • Send and receive email with PredictMail.

  • Send and receive SMS & WhatsApp messages with PredictChat.

To start setting up the DataHub, go to the DataHub Setup Section.

If you do not have a PredictWind DataHub, you can set up GPS tracking using the Iridium GO! GPS Tracking. Important Note: The GPS position can be inaccurate, resulting in a track that looks unrealistic.

Important Note - GO! Basic and GO! Plus Plans

  • DataHub setup is only for customers subscribed to the GO! Unlimited Plan.

  • The GO! Basic and GO! Plus airtime plans are not designed for the DataHub and should not be used with it. Using either the Basic or Plus plans with the DataHub will generate significant overages, and you will experience bill shock.

  • GPS Tracking with the DataHub and GO! uses voice/data minutes to update, not SMS messages. The GO! will update GPS tracking via SMS as a standalone device.

  • GO! as a backup for Starlink & DataHub on the Basic or Plus plans:

    Do not connect your GO! to the DataHub. Instead, configure GO! GPS Tracking to send via SMS. To use the GO for downloading weather GRIBs or routes, please connect your mobile, tablet or laptop directly to Iridium GO! Wi-Fi.

Move on to Step 6

You are now ready to move on to Step 6: Installation and using the Iridium GO.

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