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DataHub Navionics, Aquamaps, OpenCPN Broadcast GPS NMEA
DataHub Navionics, Aquamaps, OpenCPN Broadcast GPS NMEA

How to connect your Navionics, Aquamaps or OPN CPN to the DataHub GPS NMEA Broadcast

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The DataHub broadcasts the NMEA data over Wi-Fi by TCP and UDP. Your device must be connected to the DataHub Wi-Fi to receive this data.

In your navigation App settings, you can select the DataHub as the source of the NMEA feed. If you are connected to DataHub Wi-Fi or the Ethernet LAN port, the default settings are:

DataHub IP: (Source IP)

UDP Port: 11101

TCP Port: 11102

To check your NMEA0183 broadcast settings:

  • Log into the DataHub on

  • Click NMEA > Settings > Settings

  • You can see and change the TCP and UDP ports.

PW-Hub - Settings - LuCI 2023-01-31 at 9.40.00 AM

Once you change those port settings in your navigation App, it will receive all the NMEA data, including AIS From Internet if you have enabled it and connected your DataHub to the N2K network.

Configure Aquamaps to receive the NMEA feed

  • Wi-Fi connect your device to DataHub Wi-Fi and set the source to:

  • Configure Aquamaps to use this IP address with UDP on port 11101

  • Go to Settings

  • Select Wi-Fi settings and click +

  • Enter manually UDP 11101

Configure Navionics to receive the NMEA feed

  • Wi-Fi connect your device to DataHub Wi-Fi and set the source to:

  • In the Navionics App, go to the menu, then Paired Devices

  • Add a device by clicking the + then select the Add device button

  • Enter the Name: HUB with Host: and Port: 11102

  • Set the Protocol to TCP
    You could also use UDP on port 11101; however, customers report TCP works better.

Navionics iOS App

To enable the AIS display in Navionics, open the Menu, tap Map Options then swipe down to AIS Settings and enable it to display on the page.

Configure OpenCPN to receive the NMEA feed

  • Wi-Fi connect your device to DataHub Wi-Fi.

  • In OpenCPN, click the menu and select Preferences

  • On the Connections tab, click Add Connection

  • Select Network

  • Select Protocol: UDP

  • Address:

  • DataPort: 11101

  • Click OK

  • To check your connection, on the Connections tab under General tick Show NMEA Debug Window. If your OpenCPN device is connected to receive the NMEA feed from the DataHub you will see a data stream flow in, like this:

This webinar by Luis Soltero, the DataHub developer, shows this feature working with OpenCPN:

How to configure your navigation App if you are not connecting to DataHub Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN

If you have connected a Peplink or other 4/5G Cellular router via Ethernet into the DataHub WAN port, and your device/App is connected to Wi-Fi on that network instead of DataHub Wi-Fi, you can still receive the DataHub NMEA0183 feed.

Instead of using as the source IP, please set the IP address of the DataHub WAN port as the source so your device connected to Peplink Wi-Fi can access it.

To see your DataHub WAN IP address, click Services -> Settings -> System Status. The DataHub WAN IP is listed under Network -> IPv4 Upstream.

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