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GO exec "Error: Data service not ready" in Offshore App
GO exec "Error: Data service not ready" in Offshore App
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If the Offshore App is connected to the Iridium GO! exec and displays the error message "Error: Data service not ready" when attempting to download, please close the App and power off the GO! exec.

It is possible that on startup, the Iridium Go! exec had no Iridium satellite signal strength. This may occur if the device is started inside a vessel and is using the internal antenna. Although the device may show a strong signal now, if it had a poor signal when powered up, it will not be able to open a data connection later until rebooted with good coverage.

Power off the device and power it on again where there is good signal strength, then reopen the Offshore App and retry.

Other potential reasons for encountering this issue may include:

Insert the SIM card

To insert the SIM card correctly:

  • The 'gold' chip contact side must face down and the white side faces up, with the corner that is cut off towards the paddle antenna.

  • Insert the SIM fully and push gently until you hear a soft click. You may need to use your fingernail.

  • Check the edge of the SIM card sits flush in the socket. If you can remove the sim card without having to push it in first it is not inserted correctly.

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