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DataHub how to submit AIS information to MarineTraffic
DataHub how to submit AIS information to MarineTraffic

How to submit your VHF AIS Target information to MarineTraffic and AIS aggregators

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The DataHub includes a feature to automatically update AIS target data from your boat's VHF AIS to AIS target aggregators, including MarineTraffic and SPIRE.

To do this, you must first connect your VHF AIS to the NMEA2000 network on your boat and enable NMEA Source -> NMEA2000 on CAN0 on your DataHub.

Next, to configure your DataHub to upload this VHF AIS target data to AIS aggregators, including MarineTraffic and Spire, enable AIS To Internet in the DataHub:

  • Login to the DataHub on

  • Click on Services->NMEA.

  • Click Internet AIS.

  • Click to tick Enable AIS to Internet.

  • Click Save & Apply.

  • By default, this will send AIS to Internet via high-speed Wi-Fi, Starlink, 4G/5G Cellular router or USB Tethering. It will not send via Iridium GO! or GO exec.

  • You can check your boat's position and those around you in the PredictWind App under Tools->AIS Data or search for it on MarineTraffic.

  • Updates can take some time to load through Internet aggregators and PredictWind cannot control this. For DataHub-reported AIS targets, the source of their AIS Target data on MarineTraffic will show as Terrestrial:

AIS To Internet via Iridium GO! and GO exec

By ticking to enable AIS to Internet->Iridium GO, your DataHub can also upload AIS target information via a connected Iridium GO! of GO exec when a higher speed/lower cost Internet source is not available, e.g. Starlink is switched off or you're outside 4G/5G cellular range.

Using this feature is only suitable for customers with the following Iridium airtime plans:

  • GO! Unlimited,

  • GO exec Unlimited

  • GO exec 100, 250 or 1200 plans

Do not enable AIS to Interview via Iridium GO if your Iridium device is on these plans:

  • GO! Basic or Plus

  • GO exec 5 or 25

Using this feature on these plans will lead to data overages and bill shock.

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If you have any further questions about AIS to Internet and wish to know more about data aggregators for AIS target information, please contact us.

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