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PredictMail - managing your email offshore
PredictMail - managing your email offshore

PredictWind's suggestions for streamlining your email while offshore

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If you've set up PredictMail already and tested it, congratulations!

Now, it's worth considering how you wish to manage your email offshore since your regular email may not work through Satellite GO! or GO! exec devices. Connecting through your GO exec to Outlook or Gmail is possible, but it will use much more data than PredictMail.

We recommend enabling the forwarding of emails from your other email addresses to PredictMail, which is useful temporarily while offshore. That way, you don't need help from home or the office to selectively forward important.

Here are links to major email services explaining how to enable email forwarding to your PredictMail account while offshore: - Microsoft

Outlook App - IMAP and POP email forwarding

Please note this will work for any other email account you have set up in Outlook; however, you'll need to have your computer running at home or in the Office to do it automatically while offshore:

Office users - if your company uses Microsoft 365, please share this article with your system administrator:

Gmail - Google

iCloud Email

Yahoo Mail

This feature is only available for Yahoo Mail Pro:

GoDaddy Webhosting & Office365

Cpanel Webhosting

Scroll down to Add Account forwarder:


ProtonMail does not allow email forwarding without a local email client. Please see this article for details:

Other Email Providers

Most email providers or web hosts will provide instructions specific to your service for email forwarding. Please search these in their help or support section. If we're missing your one and you think it might be popular, please let us know so we can add it to this list.

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