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What are Offshore Optimised Settings?
What are Offshore Optimised Settings?

Learn more about Offshore Optimised Settings in the Offshore App

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When you're new to the Offshore App, you'll want to ensure you're downloading all the data you need to plan your voyage safely while managing your data transferred through your GO! or GO! exec to avoid overages and billshock or to keep within the maximum download size allowed by the GO exec Unlimited PredictWind Data plan (1.5 MB). To make this easy, PredictWind has provided the Offshore Optimised Settings button in the Offshore App to preset your GRIB downloads.

How to enable Offshore Optimized settings

To enable these in the Offshore App, please enable the Use Offshore Optimised Settings button on the main Downloads page.

What's included in the Offshore Optimized settings

Enabling Offshore Optimised settings sets your defaults to:

GRIB preferences - 24 hourly, 5 days, 100km resolution, Wind, Pressure and Rain

Forecast models - PWG, PWE, ECMWF, GFS, SPIRE, UKMO

GMDSS Forecasts - on with graphic forecasts selected

Changing any of these settings will turn off the default button but preserve other settings that are not adjusted. Over time, you'll learn which settings work best for you, and likely use your own custom set.

If you mix up the settings and wish to revert to Offshore Optimised again, please enable the button to switch it on. All settings will be reconfigured back to those mentioned above.

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