GO exec battery won't charge

What to do if your GO exec is flat and the battery won't charge

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If you've inadvertently run the battery low on the GO exec and have difficulty recharging the device, please:

  • Ensure the device is connected using the original Iridium power adaptor. This outputs 5V DC at 3 amps. You can also use the cigarette lighter adaptor. If this is not available, please connect it to another USB socket offering at least 2 amps.

  • Please check the condition of the USB-C cable, any oxidation on the ends or damage to the cable it will not work, please try another cable.

  • Are you 100% sure the USB or cigarette outlet is getting power? Do other devices charge okay using those outlets? Does a multimeter show power to the outlets?

  • Disconnect the pig-tail connector to disconnect the External Antenna. The GO exec is unable to charge successfully while connected to the External Antenna because it draws too much power.

  • Try charging the GO! exec for an extended period of time? If the battery has been run flat, charge the unit overnight and then test again.

  • If the device is turned off, plugged in and charging, the LED should be blue.

  • Check the battery temperature (physically feel the bottom of the unit); if it is warm, let it cool before charging.

  • If the unit is stuck in a reboot cycle, remove it from the charger for a few hours and then try to charge it fully.

  • The supplied AC charger can operate in ambient temperatures up to 25°C. At higher temperatures and during heavy loads, it will reduce or stop charging.

  • Factory reset the unit by pushing a paperclip into the hold above the SIM card slot and holding it down for 15 seconds until you see two cogs on the LCD screen while connected to power.

  • IMPORTANT: For protection and long life, the Iridium GO exec will only allow charging when the battery temperature is between 0°C (32°F) and 45°C (113°F).

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