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PredictCurrent - a world-first for tidal currents
PredictCurrent - a world-first for tidal currents

Introducing PredictCurrent - critical hi-res tidal current data with Maps, Tables and Dashboard

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PredictCurrent provides critical high-resolution tidal and current data with Maps, Tables and an overview Dashboard.

The Dashboard provides a quick view and forecast for any location of the:

  • Current speed and direction

  • Wind speed and direction

  • Wave swell height, direction and period

  • Tidal height

Spot unsafe conditions with visual warnings

Red visual warnings, such as the exclamation mark and circled arrow below, indicate when the wind is against the current. Wind against current is a critical factor which can generate uncomfortable and dangerous sea states.

High-resolution tidal current forecasts

PredictCurrent's Maps provide resolution at 100m, 400m, and 4km, a world first for tidal forecasts. Coastal coverage extends to over 90% of the world's coastlines. To view the full map, please see the Worldwide Coverage page.

Wind, Wave & Sea Temperature Maps

In addition to Current maps, high-resolution Wind, Sea Surface Temperature, and Wave maps are available to help you quickly grasp a complete overview of the sea current forecast.

Learn More about PredictCurrent

To learn more about PredictCurrent data and how to interpret results, please review the PredictCurrent Help Articles collection.


PredictCurrent Free allows access to the Dashboard and Tables for one location.

PredictCurrent Pro unlocks all Maps and allows you to add up to 12 favourite locations. Subscriptions are available for one month, three months, or one year. The annual plan is great value, with up to a 43% discount compared to the monthly subscription price.

Please see the PredictCurrent Pricing page for more details.

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