How to use Observations
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When making forecast decisions it is important to compare the forecasts and observations generated from weather stations. The observations allow you to view the forecast maps overlaid on the observations, enabling a direct comparison, to check the forecast accuracy.

Observations show real-time wind data from the previous 48hrs up until the current time. The Wind map overlay will show from the start of the model run.

  • Click on Observations from the main menu

  • The Map will display live wind observations around your forecast location

  • Scroll the timeline with the back and forward arrows or drag the time slider to view the observations and wind maps over time to see how they match up.

  • You can click on the weather model to see the pop up box with display options, you can choose another weather model to compare, select a resolution, wind display type and forecast parameter to be overlaid.

  • Click X to exit

  • To view the data for a single station click on the observation.

  • Here you will see the last 48, 12 ,6 or 1 hour of observations data in graph. We can see Wind Speed, Direction and Gusts.

  • You can also give the station rating.

  • Click X to exit.

  • If we zoom the map to a desired level we can then select table or graph to see all the stations that are on the map in the table or graph for easy comparison.

  • Click table

  • Here we see all the observations shown on the map in a table format.

  • If we click graph we see the observations we had on the map and tables showing in a graph overlaid with one another for easy comparison.

  • Click map to return to the map.

  • Click the back arrow to exit.

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