Observations show real-time wind data from the previous 48hrs up until the current time.

  • Click on Observations from the left menu bar and select the location form the location bar.

  • Recorded locations and wind speeds around your selected location are shown by arrows indicating wind direction (colour coded to indicate speed) as well as wind speed in knots below the arrow. 

  • Viewing controls are found along the bottom left of the map. Use the + and - or scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the map. The play button animates the data recorded over the past 48hrs. You can also click and drag the white slider ball to jump to a certain point in time.

  • The current time can be found at the top of the map.

  • From the settings on the bottom right, you can change the display to show the wind speed, or direction below the arrow, and change the average wind between 1, 5 and 15 minute averages.

  • The live observations can also be viewed in a graphical format. Simply click on any of the wind arrows, and you will see a popup with observation graphs. The trends shown in the graphs are very helpful for determining if the forecast is “on track” and accurate.

  • The locations can be viewed for the last hour, 6 hours or 48 hours. Some locations also have a webcam and you will see a camera icon at the top right to bring up the webcam view.

  • To close the observations graph simply click the “x” in the top right.

  • To compare multiple locations, click the graph icon at the bottom right of the screen.

  • This will display a graph of all the locations currently in the browser window. To include/exclude locations simply adjust your map zoom level and pan till you can see all the locations you would like to graph.

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