You can set an Alert on based on the forecast and observations.

The alert is based on the forecast location we have selected. We can set up alerts for different locations. The forecast alert can potentially be triggered every 12 hours after the forecast run. Observation alerts can be triggered hourly.

Forecast Alerts

  • On the main menu click on Forecast Alerts

  • At the top of the page you can choose either Forecast Alerts or Observations Alerts.

  • Click on Forecast alerts

  • Then we can choose if we want the alert to be daily or for certain days of the week on weekly.

  • Choose what hours of the day you want to be alerted for.

  • Now we can select how many days in advance we want the forecast alert to trigger.

  • Choose the parameters that you want to be alerted for. We need at least one parameter selected.

  • Now save the alert.

  • Note confirmation.

  • You will now be alerted after each forecast run if our alert conditions are met.

  • When you get the alert via email you can add the date your calendar to lock in your time on the water.

Observation Alerts

  • Observation alerts gives you an alert based on the windspeed and direction that you set for a particular weather station.

  • From the main menu Click on forecast alerts

  • Click on Observation Alerts

  • Select the observation point you want to be alerted for by clicking on the observation point, then click on Save station.

  • Choose if you want to be alerted when the observations hits your set criteria just one a day or once an hour.

  • Then select for the alert to be daily rolling over or only certain days of the week under weekly.

  • Select the hours of the day that the alert can be triggered

  • Then select the wind speed and direction, you can leave one parameter blank if you wish.

  • Click on save

  • You will now be alerted when your observation criteria is met for that station.

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