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How many computers/devices can I access the forecast from?
How many computers/devices can I access the forecast from?
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You can access the forecast from any 4 devices (the system looks at your IP address) in a 6hr period. For example, you can look at the forecast at your home PC, then work PC, and Mobile.

If you try to access from a 5th device (or 5 IP addresses) within a 6hr period you will be logged out of your account and the system will trigger a password reset. This is to prevent users from abusing the system and passing on their username and password. Please note our Terms and Conditions state the license granted is solely for your own personal use.
Note: The process is refreshed every 6 hours, so you can log on from unlimited devices, so long as you respect the 4 logons within a 6hour period.

If you need to reset your password, follow the instructions here.

Once you have reset your password, on each device please log out then back in with the correct password.

If using the Offshore App on PC/ Mac see this article here

If you are using the Offshore App on iOS/ Android, click on Preferences from the Main Menu and add your password before doing a new download.

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