Managing the Internet connection with an Iridium GO! exec
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As satellite data is more expensive than cellular data, it is important only to allow the data you want to go over the satellite network. Some apps will use a lot of your data, and so we highly recommend you primarily use apps that are optimized for data usage on a satellite connection. Failing to follow these instructions could result in high data usage with bill shock/overages.

PredictWind Apps to save on your data usage

  1. PredictWind Offshore App

  2. The Datahub Firewall

1/ Offshore App

The PredictWind Offshore App will automatically open the Iridium GO! exec firewall and allow you to download weather data. This App compresses all weather data, so it is by far the most efficient way to download data.

Simply connect your computer/ phone/ tablet to the Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi, and use the Iridium GO! exec tab in the Offshore App download options. The Offshore App will automatically connect/ disconnect to the Iridium GO! exec unit and open the connection. There is no need to open an internet profile on the Iridium GO! exec App/ device. The Offshore App will open the connection as required when you click on 'Download All'.

NOTE: If you have enabled an Admin Pin on the Iridium GO! exec, this will affect the Offshore App connection to the Exec unit and stop the GRIB downloads. To disable the Admin Pin > Use the Iridium GO! exec unit LCD screen > Click on the Setting icon > Admin setting> Admin Pin > Enable/ Disable > Set it to DISABLED.

2/ The DataHub Firewall

By merging multiple data services into one operation, the Datahub can enhance the efficiency of the data connection. For instance, if GPS tracking is enabled, the unit can can transmitting a GPS tracking report and send and receive messages on PredictMail. As the Iridium GO! exec imposes a minimum billing increment of 5 kb, by consolidating these 2 tasks significant data savings can be achieved instead of initiating a connection for each service independently. Additionally, you have the convenience of automating all these checks to save you time! Setup this feature by reading this article

3/ PredictMail

The PredictMail service is an email client designed for the Iridium GO! exec and uses a fraction of the data size of regular email services such as Gmail / Apple Mail.

PredictMail and the Datahub take care of the compression and filtering when you’re connected to your boat’s satellite connection. This allows you to go from a mobile data connection in town to an offshore connection with your phone, tablet or laptop using any compatible app, and your email will automatically be compressed into a satellite-friendly format to minimise your data usage.


You can also manually manage the Firewall by using the Iridium Connection Manager.

However, you need to be very careful not to leave the firewall connection open for an extended period of time. Also, please be aware that any App that is not optimized for satellite usage, can very quickly use up your data allowance. For this reason, we recommend primarily using the PredictWind apps (Offshore App, PredictMail, Datahub Firewall) to save on your data allowance.

For example, if you use regular email Apps such as Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail you will quickly use your data allowance. Each email on a regular email client will use on average 0.2MB, and cost up to US$1. Other weather Apps do not have the data saving capabilities of PredictWind. The PredictWind weather routing will use approximately 1% of the other client based weather routing programs.

In addition, if you select the GO Exec WhatsApp firewall option (manual setting) for 10 minutes, and even if no messages are sent, you will consume 1 MB of data as Whatsapp continually checks for new messages.

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