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Iridium GO exec check list - are you ready to leave port?

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Below is a list of things to check off your TO-DO list well before leaving port to ensure everything is set up correctly.

  1. The Iridium GO exec unit has the correct power source and is charging correctly.

  2. The Iridium GO exec SIM card is activated; you know your Iridium phone number and have shared it with family and friends.

  3. Install the Iridium GO exec App and connect it to the device, or update the App and Firmware before you leave to ensure your mobile device and the GO exec have the most up-to-date software.

  4. Check that the Iridium GO! exec unit can receive a good signal in its 'ON' position, whether on deck, in a securely mounted plastic box, or held in place for transmissions. Test this at sea, at least 1 NM from shore, to ensure you replicate the offshore situation. Testing in harbours and marinas will not give good signal strength.

  5. Make a successful voice call via the GO exec.

  6. Check SOS/ IERCC is correctly set up and tested. Make a note of your 5-digit IERCC pin somewhere on board in case you need to do a factory reset at sea. This 5-digit number is required to reset the SOS functions.

  7. You must know how to factory reset the Iridium Go exec unit and stow a paperclip. This is the critical troubleshooting step should your device lock up or malfunction.

  8. Ensure you do not have an Admin Pin enabled on the GO exec unit. If the Admin Pin is enabled, the Offshore App will not work.

  9. Download GRIBs and Weather Routing via the Offshore App with Iridium GO! exec.

  10. PredictMail is set up and tested on the DataHub to receive email through the GO exec.

  11. DataHub Firewall connection to save data - combining PredictMail/GPS Tracking.

  12. Contact PredictWind Support offshore by email: support@predictwind.com or our Whatsapp number +1 209 9894960. Please use the QR code below to setup the PredictWind Whatsapp support number

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