The Iridium GO! exec completes the firmware/ software update via the Iridium GO! exec App. Normally the Iridium GO! exec App will notify the user each time the App connects to an Iridium GO! exec if there is a firmware update available. If the previous requests to update have been denied, the update can be initiated via the Iridium GO! exec App.

NOTE: The Iridium GO! exec will reboot when the update completes, dropping all Wi-Fi connections, voice calls, and data sessions in the process.

To update the Iridium GO! exec firmware, you must have the latest version of the Iridium GO! exec App on your mobile device (Android or Apple). The Iridium GO! exec App can be downloaded from the App Store or PlayStore.

  1. Join the Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi.

  2. Open the Iridium GO! exec App.

  3. If a firmware update is available, you will see a pop-up with a 'Software Update' alert.

  4. Click 'Update Now'.

  5. While the software update is in progress, keep the Iridium GO! exec App open. The unit will restart once the update is complete.

  6. As the unit restarts, you will see a message saying you need to rejoin the Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi network. Go to your mobile device Settings > Wi-Fi and select the Iridium network when it is available.

  7. Once the software update is complete, the App will confirm that the firmware update was complete. Click OK and continue.

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