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Troubleshooting steps for power issues with the Iridium GO! and the next steps
Troubleshooting steps for power issues with the Iridium GO! and the next steps
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If you're experiencing power issues with your Iridium GO!, run through the following steps and if it's still an issue, please email us with the required information noted at the end of this article.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1/ Remove the battery, check it over, and at the same time check the contacts and give them a gentle clean.

2/ Have you inspected the charging port, does it look OK, not loose or damaged in any way?

3/ Have you tried an alternate power cable?

4/ Do you know anyone else with an Iridium GO! close by? If yes, it may be worth trying their battery/charger with your unit. This may isolate if the issue is battery/charger related or with the Iridium GO! internal components.

5/ Take the battery out of the unit. Connect the unit to a power source and lift the paddle antenna. Does the unit power on? The led light should show Red and the display will show a lat/long but no satellite reception or battery charge.

6/ What power source are you using? Home, Vessel DC battery bank, AC Inverter?

7/ Which charging accessories are you using? 12VDC Adapter or AC Plug.

8/ Does the Iridium GO! have any charge left in it, if yes, please try a factory reset following the instructions at and see if it starts to take charge.

If this is still an issue after all of the above steps, please send an email to with the following information:

1/ With the battery removed, please take a photo of the white label and contacts under the battery so we can see the IMEI & serial number.

2/ Supply a photo of the Iridium GO! with the LCD screen of the unit along with the power cable plugged into the power source so we can review the set-up.

3/ Your answers from 1 to 7 above are important, so we can escalate all of the above to Iridium on your behalf, for next step recommendations.

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