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DataHub iOS Phone USB tether is not working
DataHub iOS Phone USB tether is not working
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When using iOS USB tethering, it is essential not to be connected to the DataHub Wi-Fi at the same time, as this creates a loopback scenario.

For example, your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi from the DataHub to get Internet, and then you try to share your Internet on your phone through USB tethering. In this situation, go to the iPhone Wi-Fi settings, tap the DataHub Wi-Fi you are connected to, and tap Forget Network.

iPhones using iOS17 or later may indicate they are sharing a hotspot with the DataHub. Yet, the DataHub iOS USB Tether box will show red with Status: Offline, and the DataHub will not be connected to the Internet.

To fix this, you must turn your personal hotspot off and on again. To do this:

  • In iPhone Settings->Personal Hotspot, disable Allow Others to Join.

  • Wait 10-15 seconds and enable it again.

  • Leave your phone screen open and active on the personal hotspot page.

  • Wait 30-40 seconds, and if the iOS USB Tether Internet status box is not green and Online, click the top menu Internet Status to reload the page.

Further iOS USB tether troubleshooting steps

  • Turn off iPhone Wi-Fi.

  • Ensure the latest iOS update is installed – Failing to update your iPhone could impact performance and cause issues.

  • Unplug the iPhone from the USB cable. Under Settings > Personal Hotspot, disable Allow others to join. Plug in your iPhone again, tap Trust and enter your code. Wait 10-15 seconds then enable Allow others to join again. Please wait 30-40 seconds. If the iOS USB Tether Internet status box is not green and Online, click the top menu Internet Status to reload the page.

  • Force restart the iPhone used for tethering. Please read Apple's force restart guide.

  • Verify that your cellular data plan allows hot spotting, as some plans, particularly while roaming, may not offer this feature, preventing USB tethering.

  • Reset your iPhone Network – Resetting your network can quickly fix a tethering issue. To Reset your Network Settings, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [Device] > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets your device's Wi-Fi networks, passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings.

  • Try a different USB cable. Please use an original Apple or Apple-certified cable from a brand-name manufacturer. Many 3rd party, unauthorized USB cables, particularly those not made by Apple, will recharge your phone but do not allow hotspot Internet sharing.

  • Try a different iPhone or an Android device if that is available.

If none of these troubleshooting steps is successful, please contact Support. To help us promptly provide you with the best assistance, please include:

  • Your iPhone model and iOS version. Open Settings > General > About to view.

  • A list of other devices you have on the boat, i.e. phones, tablets, laptops, DataHub, any Iridium products, Starlink, 4G router or other communications devices.

  • Summarize what you've tried so far and describe what you see. Sharing screenshots or a link to a short video is very helpful.

  • Your current physical location, onward travel plan and timeline.

  • Your DataHub Firmware version number.

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