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GO exec voice calls with no sound / muted
GO exec voice calls with no sound / muted
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If you cannot hear audio or are muted when making GO exec voice calls, please check the following:

  • Update your device's operating system. iOS 16.1.2 has a known issue where a call can be answered with the GO exec App; however, it cannot send or receive audio.

  • Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Bluetooth must be enabled to receive calls.

  • Check your Microphone permissions are enabled:

    • iPhone - open Settings, swipe down through your Apps and tap Iridium GO! exec. Check the Microphone permission is enabled in green.

    • If you cannot see Microphone as a setting to enable, please uninstall and reinstall the GO exec App.

    • Android - open Settings, tap Apps, swipe down and tap Iridium GO! exec. Under App Settings tap Permissions. Check the Microphone permission is enabled in green.

  • When you make a call with the Iridium GO exec App, please make sure the Mute button hasn't been accidentally tapped, as shown below.

  • On the Iridium GO! exec touchscreen, tap the Settings wheel, tap Audio Settings, check the Ring Volume and Device Volume and adjust them up if required.

Important Note: To make outbound voice calls through the Iridium GO exec App your device must be directly connected to the Iridium GO exec device's Wi-Fi.

Outbound calling does not work when connected through DataHub Wi-Fi to the Iridium Go! exec. Outbound calls will dial out and connect; however, no audio will be sent or received.

Inbound calls will be received through the App on your device and work as expected when connected via DataHub Wi-Fi.

When using a GO exec with a DataHub to make an outbound call please temporarily connect directly to Iridium GO exec Wi-Fi. Reconnect to DataHub Wi-Fi after making the call and forget the Iridium GO exec Wi-Fi network on your device to ensure it remains connected to DataHub Wi-Fi so that PredictMail and other DataHub services will work.

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