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GO exec voice calls with no sound / muted
GO exec voice calls with no sound / muted
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GO exec voice calls with no sound / muted

Can you please check the following:

  • On your Phone make sure bluetooth is on. You need bluetooth ON to receive calls

  • Check Microphone is turned on in the Iridium GO! exec app on your phone.

  • On your iPhone go to Settings> Iridium GO! exec app > Check microphone is on

  • On your Android phone go to > Settings > Apps > Iridium Go > Permissions and the ensure microphone is turned on.

  • When you are making a call with the Iridium GO! exec App ensure that the Mute button hasn't been accidentally clicked. The mute icon is a microphone with a slash through it. It will turn a slightly darker grey when it has been clicked.

  • On LCD screen on Iridium GO! exec click Settings wheel (Bottom Right) > Audio Settings> check Ring Volume and Device Volume

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