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Step 3: How to install the SIM card, update Firmware, and set up the IERCC SOS on the Iridium GO!
Step 3: How to install the SIM card, update Firmware, and set up the IERCC SOS on the Iridium GO!
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The free Iridium GO! App is used to make voice phone calls, send SMS text messages and provide SOS functionality with the Iridium GO! It is available on Apple (iPhone/ iPad) and Android devices only. It is not available for a Windows or Mac computer.

SIM Setup

After completing the activation process, you will need to insert the SIM card into the Iridium GO! device. Remove the battery with a flat-head screwdriver or a coin. Slide the SIM card holder toward the hinges, and lift it to open, insert the SIM card into the slot. Close the cardholder and slide it away from the hinges to lock it. Then install the battery. Make sure the gold battery contacts are facing down over the 4 connector contacts. Replace the battery cover. Next, charge the battery, open the USB cover and firmly plug in the Micro-USB cable. Connect the supplied USB cable to a USB outlet on your boat. If no USB outlet is available, you can temporarily use the car charger. We recommend leaving the unit permanently on charge. Next, plug in the external antenna by carefully but firmly “click in” the adaptor. The small co-axial cable should not be bent at a 90-degree angle, as it may damage the cable and affect the signal strength.

Turn the device on by raising the swivel antenna into the upright position. Make sure the antenna has a clear view of the open sky and horizon.

Once raised, the device will automatically complete the power-up sequence in approximately 1 minute and will begin registration with the Iridium network. Once registered, the LED light will turn green, and the signal strength icon will appear on the screen. If the SIM card has not been activated, no signal strength will be shown. If you have two SIM cards ordered, please check you have the correct SIM card inserted.

Iridium GO! App

Download the free Iridium GO! App from the App Store or Google Play. This App manages your connection to the GO! and allows you to make phone calls, send text messages and has SOS functions.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Your smartphone or tablet device MUST be connected via Wi-Fi to the Iridium GO! in order for the Iridium GO! App to operate. Please turn ON Airplane/flight mode, then on your iOS or Android device, connect to the wireless network created by your Iridium GO. It will look something like 'IRIDIUM-xxxxxx.' No password is required. Also, ensure all devices have Bluetooth capability turned OFF to avoid networking connectivity issues.

Other Wifi networks can be an issue as your device 'searches' and connects to the best Wifi signal. You may need to forget other networks so it does not try to connect to, say, your home/marina Wifi.

Login to the Iridium GO! App

Open the Iridium GO! App, then press the submit button. The username/password for the Iridium GO! App is both guest & guest - all lowercase. This username/password does not need to be changed and is NOT related to your PredictWind account. Up to 5 devices can be wirelessly connected to the Iridium GO at one time, but only allowing 1 user to make calls or access data at one time. To avoid conflict between devices, we recommend only having 1 device connected at a time.

Iridium GO! Firmware Upgrade Version 2.1.22

Please check you have the latest Iridium GO! firmware by opening the Iridium GO! App, log in and, go to the Help icon, click on the "About" menu. The Iridium GO! Firmware version should be 2.1.22. It is critical that you have the latest firmware for a reliable connection and for the Apps to work.

The Iridium GO! device contains an internal website portal that can be used to upgrade the firmware. You will need a Laptop and a high-speed internet connection to download the Firmware file. For detailed instructions on upgrading the firmware, click here.

SOS Settings

The Iridium GO! offers a programmable SOS button that can be configured to notify specified contacts in the case of an emergency. Once configured, an SOS can be initiated either from the Iridium GO! device or the Iridium GO! App. An SOS initiated by pressing the SOS button on the Iridium GO! device will only send an emergency message with location information, while an SOS initiated from the Iridium GO! App will also provide the option for two-way voice communication with the designated contact.

WARNING! In order for the Iridium GO! to send an SOS emergency message to a designated Call Recipient and Message Recipient, you must configure the SOS settings in the Iridium GO! before leaving the port.

Failure to configure the SOS button will result in no message being sent when the SOS button is pressed. This could prevent or delay an emergency response.

The number you use must be a trusted family member or friend, DO NOT add the local Coast Guard or Marine Rescue service. That is what your EPIRB is for!

The number you use must be capable of receiving SMS messages (a cellular phone).

The number you use needs to include the full international dialling sequence, for example, +1 (USA), +61 (AU), +44 (UK)...

NOTE! The SOS setup is related to your SIM card. So if you deactivate the service and get a new SIM card, you will need to register the IERCC service again.

IERCC safety services: To support the SOS feature, Iridium has contracted with IERCC Travel Safety Group to provide an emergency response coordination service for your Iridium GO! at no additional charge. These services are offered and are provided exclusively by IERCC and not by Iridium which is a separate, unrelated company.

Please note: GEOS is now IERCC.

Setting up the IERCC SOS service

  1. Register at from your computer. To register, you will need your Iridium phone number and Iridium GO! IMEI (located on the Help > About page in the Iridium GO! App).

  2. On the Iridium GO! App > Go to Settings > SOS > GEOS Service and enter the 5-digit authorization code provided by IERCC in their registration confirmation email, then Submit. The 5-digit code can also be found on your GEOS registration page at the bottom left-hand corner. If successful, your SOS settings will appear, and the SOS action will be set to Call and Message for the GEOS service.

  3. You may then choose to add additional emergency message contacts (see Message Recipient below). The Message action enables automatic Emergency SMS alerts to be sent at 5-minute intervals until cancelled.

  4. The Call and Message action enables the message feature as well as an automatic phone call to your designated call recipient when SOS is initiated from the Iridium GO! application. Call Recipient: Enter the number for your Call Recipient. It is important that the number is entered in the correct international format with the international access code (+ or 00), country code, and phone number for proper routing.

  5. Spoken Language: Select the spoken language of the emergency response personnel.

Important tips for SOS use:

• The antenna on the Iridium GO! unit must be up, and if not using an external antenna, the paddle antenna on the unit must be oriented towards the sky and have a clear view of the sky.
• SOS can be initiated either by pressing the SOS button on the Iridium GO! device or the SOS icon within the Iridium GO! application.
• To place an Emergency Call, you must use the Iridium GO! application.
• The Iridium GO! device will remain in SOS mode until cancelled by the user.
• The SOS mode is not cancelled when the Iridium GO! application is closed or the
the smartphone is turned off.

• To cancel an active SOS in the Iridium GO, push 'Cancel' on the Iridium GO LCD screen or push 'Cancel' within the Iridium GO App on your mobile device.
• If the Iridium GO! device is turned off while in SOS mode, upon restart, the Iridium GO! device will resume sending SOS messages.
• If you carry a second Iridium GO as a backup device, you must register EACH device with IERCC. This can be done via the IERCC website or by contacting IERCC directly at

NB: Each Iridium GO unit will receive its own unique 5-digit authorization code.

Testing the IERCC SOS safety service

We recommend testing the SOS setting on your device. IERCC asks that all tests be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance unless otherwise approved for an earlier test time by the Operations Team.

  • Please click on the following link:, which takes you to an online submission form that is set up for testing.

  • Once the form is submitted, IERCC will reach out to confirm the test via email.

For further IERCC Support, you will need to contact IERCC directly at

You are now ready to move on to Step 4: DataHub Setup.

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