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Step 4: How to set up SOS with the Iridium GO!
Step 4: How to set up SOS with the Iridium GO!

How to setup SOS with the Iridium GO! and GEOS/IERCC

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Critical: The SOS button will not work on your Iridium GO until you set it up.

The SOS button on the Iridium GO has no default configuration. You must set this up before you head offshore. If it is not set up correctly and you have an emergency, nothing will happen when you press the SOS button, and no one will be notified.

Set up is easy. Please allow 10 minutes to read this article thoroughly and complete the SOS setup on your device.

How to find and activate the Iridium GO! SOS Button

There are two ways to initiate an SOS on the Iridium GO!:

  • Pressing the red SOS button on the device.

  • Using the Iridium GO! App and pressing the SOS button in the App.

IERCC Safety Services

Iridium has contracted with IERCC Travel Safety Group to support the SOS feature to provide an emergency response coordination service for your Iridium GO! at no additional charge. These SOS services are offered and provided exclusively by IERCC and not by Iridium, a separate, unrelated company.

Standard airtime charges will apply to SOS calls to the IERCC; a valid Iridium SIM subscription and online registration at are required. Please click here to review the privacy policy and terms of use before using this service, as these are the terms that will govern your relationship with IERCC.

Set up the SOS function with IERCC

Each time you power up the Iridium GO! until it is configured, you will be prompted to set up the SOS function. Please do this using the Iridium GO! App whilst at home or where you can access high-speed internet and a computer or smart device.

The SOS function can be set up to use the IERCC Safety Service or call a designated contact. PredictWind strongly recommends you register and use the IERCC Safety Service, owned by Garmin. It is staffed 24/7 with dedicated and trained operators who can coordinate with emergency responders in more than 200 countries and territories.

To decline the IERCC service and configure a designated personal emergency contact instead, please refer to page 29 of the Iridium GO! manual.

Configure the Iridium GO! SOS button

To use the IERCC service

  • Register your device with IERCC from a web browser on your computer or smart device.

    Note: You will need your Iridium phone number and Iridium GO IMEI to register. The phone number is available in the PredictWind Satellite Portal and is emailed to you when you activate the SIM card.

    The IMEI is printed under the battery on the device, on the side of the box, or using the App when connected through Wi-Fi:

  • Tap the Help button, then About.

  • When entering your details on the registration page, it will ask for your personal details and emergency contacts.

  • Upon completing registration, IERCC will provide a 5-digit authorization code. To add this to your device through the App:

    • Tap the Settings button.

    • Under Iridium GO! Device Settings, tap SOS.

    • Tap GEOS Service -> Select.

    • Tap Use.

    • Tap Use.

    • Enter your 5-digit IERCC authorization code, you will see a green tick appear.

    • Tap Done.

    • Select your Spoken Language.

    • Below Call Recipient, you may add additional emergency message contacts. The Message action enables automatic Emergency SMS alerts to be sent at 5-minute intervals until cancelled. Please enter SMS additional emergency contacts using the full international dialling number, e.g. +1555654321 or 001555654321.

    • Then, on iOS, tap Save, or on Android, tap the checkmark in the top right corner.

  • If successful, your SOS settings will save to the device, and the SOS action will be set to Call for the IERCC service.

Important Notes: If the code has been entered incorrectly, a red X error will present, which does not allow you to save. It is not possible to reopen this page to check the IERCC code you have set on the device. The only way to know it has been set correctly is to power off your GO for 30 seconds and power it on again. If you do not see the warning to configure SOS, then the IERCC code has been saved. Your IERCC code is unique to your device, so you cannot enter a code valid on another device.

Testing the IERCC SOS safety service

PredictWind strongly recommends testing the SOS setting on your device. IERCC asks that all tests be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance unless otherwise approved by the Operations Team d for an earlier test time.

  • Please visit the IERCC test information page to submit an online submission form for scheduling a test.

  • When the form is submitted, IERCC will confirm the test via email.

  • For further IERCC Support, please contact IERCC directly.

Important tips for SOS use

  • The antenna on the Iridium GO! unit must be up, and if not using an external antenna, the paddle antenna on the unit must be oriented towards the sky and have a clear view of the sky.

  • SOS can be initiated by pressing the SOS button on the Iridium GO! device or the SOS icon within the Iridium GO! application.

  • To place an Emergency Call, you must use the Iridium GO! application.

  • The Iridium GO! device will remain in SOS mode until cancelled by the user.

  • The SOS mode is not cancelled when the Iridium GO! application is closed, or the
    smartphone is turned off.

  • To cancel an active SOS in the Iridium GO, push 'Cancel' on the Iridium GO LCD screen or push 'Cancel' within the Iridium GO App on your mobile device.

  • If the Iridium GO! device is turned off while in SOS mode, upon restart, the Iridium GO! device will resume sending SOS messages.

  • If you carry a second Iridium GO as a backup device, you must register EACH device with IERCC. This can be done via the IERCC website or by contacting IERCC directly at

Important Note: Each Iridium GO unit has a unique 5-digit authorization code.

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