How does the Iridium GO billing work?
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How does the Iridium GO billing work?

The airtime plans are monthly with some rules.

  • You cannot activate and deactivate in the first month.

  • The first month is prorated, thereafter you are charged per Calendar month.

  • The most popular Iridium GO Plan is the Unlimited Plan. On this plan, you can make unlimited data connections/minutes to receive unlimited email & weather data, or data on any other certified Iridium GO App. There will be no additional data charges to the monthly plan charge.

  • You can make unlimited SMS text messages to any mobile in the world.

  • The Unlimited plan has a free allowance of 150 minutes of voice calling to any landline or mobile in the world.

  • Satellite phone calls are not included in this allowance.

  • When you use the PredictWind Offshore App connected to the Iridium GO, it will display how many voice minutes you have used.

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