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Step 9: Configure the GO exec to use an external antenna
Step 9: Configure the GO exec to use an external antenna
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To configure your GO! exec to use an Iridium external antenna from PredictWind, please follow the instructions below carefully.

Configuration Instructions

  • Tap the Settings wheel on the GO exec touchscreen.

  • Swipe down and tap GNSS Antenna Config.

    Note, this menu option is only available from GO! exec firmware version 1.06 or later. If you do not see this menu option please click here to update your App and GO! exec firmware.

  • Tap Auto and change the default GNSS Antenna Selection setting to Internal.

  • Tap the checkmark in the bottom centre of the GO exec touch screen to apply this setting.

Important Note: The Iridium Antenna from PredictWind includes an Iridium satellite antenna only, it does not include GPS. To ensure the SOS function reports a GPS setting when activated, if available, from the internal GPS antenna, it is critical the GNSS antenna config Internal setting is enabled.

The Auto and External settings are designed for, and will only work with, Iridium/GPS Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kits (with GNSS), which are more expensive and available elsewhere.

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You are now ready to move on to Step 10: How to use the PredictWind Offshore App.

Quick tips

SOS GPS position

If the antenna is connected to the GO exec, and the setting is not changed from Auto to Internal, the device will expect a GPS signal from the external antenna when the SOS button is pressed. It will not be able to report this to you through the touchscreen.

Power On Automatically

If your GO exec is now physically installed and connected to a power source using the USB port you may wish to review and change the default power settings. To do this via the touchscreen or App:

  • Tap the Settings wheel.

  • Touchscreen - Swipe down and tap Device Power Config.

  • App - under the Non-Admin Settings header, tap Power Control Settings.

  • Tap to Disable Power On/Off Based on Antenna Lift - with this setting disabled, lifting the antenna will not cause the device to power on or off.

  • Tap to Enable Automatically power on the device on charger connection - this setting will automatically turn on and boot up the GO! exec as soon as power is enabled. This is recommended because it will switch on your GO! exec when the power circuit is enabled or the power switch is turned on.

  • Save the setting by tapping Save on iOS (top right), or the checkmark on Android (top right) and touchscreen (bottom centre).

Important Note: When automatic power on is enabled, the GO! exec will remain on when the power switch is turned off until it runs out of battery. To preserve battery life, you must manually turn it off using the touchscreen or App.

To turn off the GO exec when connected to the External Antenna

When connected to the External Antenna, lowering the Internal Antenna will not activate the power-down sequence on the GO exec. There are three other ways to do this:


  • Tap and hold the power button for five seconds, then tap Yes.

  • Alternatively, tap the touchscreen Settings wheel, swipe down and tap Power off the device.

  • Do not activate storage mode, as this will set the device into a deep sleep making it more difficult to power on.


  • Tap the Settings wheel.

  • Under the Basic header, tap Device Settings, then tap Admin Settings.

  • Swipe all the way to the bottom, and under the Power header, tap Power off my Iridium GO! exec device.

  • Do not activate storage mode, as this will set the device into a deep sleep making it more difficult to power on.

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