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Datahub how to add a Wi-Fi password
Datahub how to add a Wi-Fi password

Enable wifi password and WPA2-PSK encryption to DataHub wifi

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Please follow the steps below to enable a Wi-Fi password and encryption to your DataHub:

  • Login to the DataHub ( using the admin account.

  • Click on WiFi in the top menu bar.

  • Click on the DataHub WiFi (5ghz) button.

  • Click on the Encryption drop-down box.

  • Select WPA2-PSK. This is the recommended and strongest encryption supported.

  • Type in a password of at least eight characters long, including upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, e.g. @ # or !.

  • Click Update.

Important Note: You will be disconnected from DataHub Wi-Fi.

Please allow 2-3 minutes for the new settings to take effect. If you are connected to the DataHub over Wi-Fi, you must manually reconnect to the network when it becomes available again to continue using the DataHub.

If you are presented with the below message, please click Join.

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