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DataHub AI Polars daily data use
DataHub AI Polars daily data use

How much data will be transferred in 24 hours collecting AI Polar data on the DataHub

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You can enable AI Polars to be tracked and sent automatically to PredictWind's cloud Internet servers along with your GPS tracking data. The best way to do this is by using the Satellite submenu for your satellite communications device, either the Iridium GO!, GO exec or Starlink.

Once activated, this will combine your AI Polar data with your GPS tracking reports and send them to PredictWind's Internet servers to minimize the data transferred.

How much data it will transfer per hour depends on the Tracking Interval frequency set.

With the tracking set to:

- 15 minutes with AI polars enabled, your DataHub will transfer 0.163MB per 24 hours.

- 60 minutes (default) and AI polars enabled, it will use 0.148MB per 24 hours.

The same amount of polar-specific data is sent for both. The AI polars are then generated in the cloud and used for weather routing.

To set up and use your boat's AI Polars, please see this article: DataHub Automatic Polar Generation.

PredictWind Unlimited DataPlan

If you have a GO exec and have opted for the PredictWind Unlimited Data Plan, all your GPS tracking and AI Polars are included in your plan, so you do not need to worry about the data transferred.

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