GO exec can I use the GO! external antenna?

GO exec frequently asked question about using the Iridium GO! external antenna

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No. Unfortunately, an existing Iridium GO external antenna cannot be used with the new Iridium Go! exec. The Iridium GO exec external antenna is different. While they do look similar and use the same LMR400 cable, the connectors are different, and the exec antenna is spec'd for the Certus 100 service, so it has different internals.

The LMR400 cable for the Iridium GO exec can only be 5 metres long, as anything longer than 5 metres will result in significant signal loss and unacceptable performance.

Also, the short pigtail cable that connects the Iridium GO exec to the LMR 400 cable differs from the Iridium GO pigtail.

The Iridium Go Exec antenna has a TNC female at the base of the unit, where the Iridium GO antenna base has an N type female connector.

To ensure a reliable and consistent connection, PredictWind recommends customers purchase and install the Iridium GO! exec Single Mode Antenna LITE Kit (No GNSS). This has one Iridium satellite antenna only and does not include an additional GPS antenna.

This antenna is included as part of the PredictWind Iridium GO! exec Complete Package, or, if you already have a GO! exec you can buy this separately here.

Iridium also offers a Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit (with GNSS), which includes a GPS antenna. PredictWind does not stock this as the GO exec GPS cannot report a tracking position. PredictWind designed and recommends the DataHub for the GO! exec to enable automatic and seamless GPS tracking.

To read more and buy a DataHub, click here.

For more information about how to mount the GO exec in your boat and external antenna installation, please see these help articles:

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