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Troubleshooting Tips for the Iridium GO exec
Troubleshooting Tips for the Iridium GO exec

General troubleshooting steps for the Iridium GO exec

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Before attempting any troubleshooting, please check that all the following are in place to enable optimal performance for the GO exec:

  • The device is fully charged, or at least 15% charged.

  • The device is connected to a properly installed External Antenna or on deck, with an open sky view, ideally 1NM or more offshore, away from the Port and not in an urban setting.

  • The GO exec and device you're attempting to connect to it have been rebooted and running for 2-3 minutes, so all startup processes have been completed.

  • The SIM card is fully inserted correctly, with the gold contacts facing down.

  • There are no errors showing on the GO exec touchscreen.

  • The Internal Antenna is raised.

  • The device is showing 4-5 bars of consistent coverage strength.

  • Your mobile or laptop is connected to DataHub Wi-Fi or Iridium Wi-Fi.

    If all of these conditions are met, your GO exec device should work as expected. If not, please continue below to find further troubleshooting steps.

GO exec App will not connect to the device

Downloads in the Offshore App are not working or are very slow

  • Turn the Laptop/device and Iridium GO exec off for a few minutes and back on again for a complete restart. It is good practice to do this procedure every week.

  • Please only download a GMDSS forecast or small GRIB files (5KB or less) to check the download process.

  • During the download process, please check that there are no yellow error triangles on the right of each download. Please click on the yellow error triangle to check for the error message.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Offshore App. Please download from

  • Please turn your device into Airplane Mode, then turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on.

  • Turn off or uninstall any Ad Blocker or virus protection Apps running on your device.

  • Turn off, but ideally, uninstall VPN Apps. Uninstalling any VPN is preferred, as we have seen VPN Apps override your earlier choice to turn it OFF in the settings. If you uninstall a VPN, you must restart the device fully and Iridium GO exec before attempting to connect again.

  • Please make sure you have five devices or less connected to the Iridium GO exec. Multiple devices trying to use the Iridium GO exec connection can cause problems.

  • On a PC, please ensure you have any virus/firewall/web monitoring software turned off or in the settings allowing access to the Offshore App. We have had several instances where customers needed to uninstall the virus/firewall/web monitoring software to get a reliable weather download. Windows Firewalls should be set up to allow all outgoing connections.

  • Please ensure you have a direct connection to the Iridium GO exec Wi-Fi - no other networking devices, such as a Wi-Fi or LAN router.

  • Please ensure any proxy server settings are in Internet Explorer or Edge on a PC.

  • On an iPad/iPhone, please go to your iOS Settings > Wi-Fi> Click on Iridium-XXXXX. At the bottom, select HTTP Proxy and tap the "Off" button.

  • On an iPad/ iPhone upgraded to iOS17, ensure Local Network is turned on. To check this please open your device Settings and swipe down until you find the Iridium Go exec App and Offshore App. Open each App Settings and enable Local Network.

  • The default login for the Iridium GO exec Wi-Fi is: password

  • Having 4-5 bars of signal strength is critical for an acceptable download speed. The external antenna/cable supplied by PredictWind will ensure a good signal, provided it is mounted in a location with a good view of the sky/horizon. The Iridium satellites pass overhead every 15 minutes so that you can see 10 degrees above the horizon (sea level) in all directions. Testing the unit in a marina can be problematic due to other yacht masts/buildings/hills and marina interference. Check all connectors between the Iridium GO exec and the antenna to ensure they are 'finger-tight' and not loose.

    Note: The Offshore App only checks the signal strength before the connection is started and does not update the signal strength during the connection. You should look at the signal strength on the Iridium GO exec LCD to get the best indication of signal strength. Please note the signal strength is optimistic, so if you have 4 bars of signal strength, you only have 3 bars, which is unacceptable for a good data connection.

  • Locations near airports and strong microwave transmissions can also affect signal quality. For example, using an Iridium phone in Clear Lake, Texas, next to NASA, is impossible.

  • You must have the latest Iridium GO exec Firmware to get a good connection. Please check you have the latest Iridium GO exec Firmware by opening the Iridium GO exec. On App load, tap on the Settings cog, then tap Device Settings > Admin Settings > Device Info. The firmware version should be 1.0.10. When the App connects to the GO! exec, it will check the device Firmware and prompt you to update it if required. For full instructions about updating the device Firmware, please see: How to update the Iridium GO! exec App and device firmware.

  • It is rare, but we have seen a few cases where the operating system has corrupted Windows/Mac installation files. This step should be done as a last resort after completing all the other troubleshooting steps—Uninstall the Offshore App and re-install. For Windows users, go to Start > Settings > Apps & Features. Uninstall PredictWind Offshore. Please make sure you have all Windows automatic updates installed before installing. Mac users are advised to upgrade to the latest version of Mac OS X.

GO exec does not show any signal strength, even when the unit or external antenna has a good view of the sky.

This issue is usually due to the SIM card being deactivated or no SIM card in the unit. To get your Iridium GO exec activated, please follow the instructions here.

My Laptop Wi-Fi will not connect to the GO exec Wi-Fi

Please note that the Laptop Wi-Fi connection is expected to show an error symbol with "no internet access" - see picture below.

Please check that you have no other network connections on the laptop, no ethernet cables, USB devices, or Bluetooth connections. Please disconnect all devices connected to the Laptop and restart the Laptop.

The 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol is not supported on Iridium GO! exec. However, the 802.11 b/g/n protocols work with the Iridium GO exec on 2.4 GHz, as they are on the same frequency band. The solution is to buy a cheap USB Wi-Fi device that supports 802.11 b/g/n.

To check the details of your wireless adaptor on a PC - click on Windows Start > Device Manager. Search for Network adapters and right-click on your Wireless adapter > Properties > Wireless mode. See the attached screenshot for an example of the Wireless Mode that works with the Iridium GO exec.

In addition, please check you have the correct drivers installed for your Wi-Fi hardware. Windows 10 can sometimes install generic drivers that may not be suitable. Please consult with your PC supplier or technician.

When you click on the Wi-Fi connection on your Windows taskbar, please make sure the internet connection is described as Open.

In addition, please try a reset of the Iridium GO exec.

How do I factory reset the Iridium GO exec unit?

  • Turn on the Iridium GO exec.

  • Open the external SIM card cover on the GO exec unit.

  • Use a paper clip or similar point and press gently inside the hole next to the SIM card slot for up to 15 seconds until two cogs appear on the touchscreen.

  • Follow the screen menu prompts to reset settings to factory defaults.

Important: All previous settings will be lost, the SSID will be reset, and any new users will be deleted. You must re-enter the GEOS activation code if you use the GEOS global emergency response services as your SOS settings. If you choose not to use GEOS for your SOS settings, please ensure that the SOS call and message recipients are re-entered. Resetting the Iridium GO exec will not affect the operation of the Offshore App or Iridium GO exec App.

Then please do a full power off/on of the Iridium GO exec and the laptop/tablet/phone.

My Android device connects to the Iridium GO exec Wi-Fi even with Wi-Fi turned off

If your Android device automatically connects to the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi, even if Wi-Fi is turned OFF, this is called Wi-Fi wake up” To turn off this feature:

Go to your Android Home > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi> Wi-Fi Preferences> Switch OFF the setting Turn on Wi-Fi automatically.

My mobile device keeps connecting to another Wi-Fi Network

If your mobile device keeps trying to switch from the Iridium GO exec Wi-Fi to another network, ensure that all of your saved network connections have Auto-reconnect
set to not auto-reconnect/ not auto-join. Otherwise, if your device believes a better network is available than your current one, it may decide to switch to it.

On Android: Go to your mobile device Home > Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi> (right menu) 'Advanced' > Manage networks > [NETWORK_NAME] > Auto reconnect' Uncheck this box.

On iPhone/ iPad: Go to your mobile device > Settings > > Wi-Fi> Choose a network > Ensure Auto-Join is turned off.

I cannot connect the GO exec when I open the App

Please ensure you are connected to the DataHub or Iridium Wi-Fi and your Bluetooth is enabled. You do not need to pair your device with the GO exec Bluetooth. If your App opens and can't access the GO exec device, please force close the App and reopen it, as this will usually prompt it to connect again.

I cannot make/receive a call on the Iridium GO exec, or voice calling is not clear.

When receiving a call to your Iridium GO! do you have 5 bars of signal strength?

  • Ensure your iPhone/Android is connected to the Iridium GO exec or DataHub Wi-Fi.

  • Ensure you are within 1 to 2 metres of the Iridium GO exec when making the call, in Bluetooth range.

  • Please turn your device into Airplane Mode, then turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  • Please try again, ensuring you only have one device connected to the Iridium GO exec. If you have multiple devices trying to use the Iridium GO exec connection, this can be a source of issues.

  • Please go to Audio, make sure notifications are ON, the audio is not muted, and the volume is on loud.

  • Please ensure the Iridium GO exec App has a microphone enabled in your device's App settings.

  • Check you have the correct international dialling sequence, including country code. For example, +1 or 001 for USA, +64 or 0064 for NZ. You can dial the Iridium test number 0014807525105 to make a test call - it’s a free call.

  • Please disable the Admin PIN. To do this, open the Settings cog in the GO exec App, tap Device Settings > Admin Settings > Admin Pin, disable it, and then tap Save.

The unit is not powering up; what can I try?

Please try the following;

  • Please use another USB power source, for example, a USB port on your Laptop.

  • Disconnect the external antenna.

  • Try recharging the unit again for at least 4 hours.

If the battery is defective, the device will display an error message.

When I power on the GO exec I see Failed - Data not provisioned

Please remove the SIM, ensuring that it is reinserted correctly with the gold contacts facing down. Please power off and power on the unit again outside with a clear view of the sky.

What do the status indicator LED lights mean on the Iridium GO exec?

Please see this help article.

Why is the signal strength often less than 5 bars?

This is normal. Coverage will fluctuate as satellites move in and out of coverage on the horizon. Please check the external antenna has a good view of the horizon. If buildings or hills surround you, the signal strength will be degraded and patchy and may be unworkable. You must get 4-5 bars of signal strength to an acceptable data transfer rate.

The Offshore App does not fit on my display?

The minimum screen resolution is 1024 * 768. Please check you do not have the screen scaled.

On a Mac, go to Apple icon > System Preferences > Displays > Resolution = Default for Display.

On Windows 10, go to Start > Settings > System > Display > Change size text, apps, and other items = 100%. Under advanced settings, check you have the maximum resolution available.

Please press Enter on your keyboard if you cannot see the 'Next' button. By default, the 'Next' button is selected, so you can just click on the return/enter key to move to the download page.

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