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Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms can use PredictChat?

PredictChat is available for iOS and Android. PredictChat is not available via a desktop or laptop.

Is PredictChat included in my PredictWind Forecast subscription or free with the DataHub?

No. PredictChat is included with a PredictMail subscription. Please click here to buy PredictMail.

Do I need a DataHub to use PredictChat?

No, PredictChat will work on your phone via a cellular data Internet connection or Wi-Fi. If you wish to use PredictChat via the GO! or GO exec, you will require a DataHub.

Can I send files, pictures and voice messages with PredictChat

Not just yet, but yes, you will be able to send files or pictures with PredictChat. To do this, please tap the paperclip or microphone icon in your chat window.

Pictures sent via PredictChat will be resampled to approximately 10% of their original size to optimize them before sending. If you wish to send them at a higher resolution, please send them via WhatsApp.

When will PredictChat messages be sent/received when connected to DataHub Wi-Fi?

PredictChat messages are sent and received per your PredictMail connection policy. Typically, by default this will be On Polling/Tracking Interval, which by default is hourly. Changing the Interval can adjust this to as low as 15 minutes in the Tracking menu.

It is recommended to reconfigure your connection policy to: Immediately upon sending with polling on polling interval.

To manually push or check messages, in the PredictMail menu, please click the top menu Connection and CONNECT to trigger a send/receive manually.

If your DataHub is connected to Cellular, Wi-Fi or Starlink Internet, the PredictChat message will be sent immediately and directly via the Internet.

If you wish to check whether your message is still on the DataHub please look in the PredictMail -> top menu Outbox to see if it is there. If it is, please manually connect to send.

How do I know if a PredictChat message has been sent?

The PredictChat App will show you next to the message if it has been sent from your device. Please note this does not mean the recipient has received it, only that it has left your device and been accepted by the DataHub or PredictChat Internet servers. In the example below, the first message has been sent; the second has failed.

How long does it take a PredictChat message to be delivered?

If your device is directly connected to the Internet, PredictChat messages will be sent or received almost immediately, depending on the networks between you and your recipient. Via the DataHub, PredictChat messages will be sent/received each time the DataHub connects to check PredictMail.

If you require urgent, confirmed messaging, using WhatsApp on the Internet is recommended because you can see when the message is delivered and read. PredictMail is not an emergency communication method; please make a phone call.

Why is my friend sent SMS text messages when they have WhatsApp, and why does WhatsApp keep asking them permission to Continue?

PredictChat sends messages via WhatsApp and SMS until the WhatsApp user has permitted PredictChat to deliver messages to it. Once permitted, it will send WhatsApp messages only.

WhatsApp requires permission to Continue and unblock the PredictChat server the first time you message a contact and every 24hrs thereafter. This is a WhatsApp security requirement we cannot work around.

Can I send a message to another PredictChat App user directly?

Yes! You can send a message directly to another user's PredictChat App. This will likely be faster than sending it via SMS or WhatsApp, though it will still follow the PredictMail policy for send and receipt.

Setup your Contact and add a SIP address as the first, unique part of the PredictMail user email address, e.g. would be test as e.g., below:

Will I be charged for PredictChat messages?

It is included if you are on the PredictWind GO exec Unlimited Data plan, with no limit to how many messages you may send. If you subscribe to any other Iridium Airtime plan, it will be counted as a regular data transfer. It's a great reason to switch to Unlimited!

If your recipient receives an SMS from PredictChat and replies with an SMS or MMS, their carrier may charge a fee, depending on their mobile plan. They may also receive a warning similar to the one below.

Does PredictChat work with Telegram, Facebook Messenger or any other messenger?

PredictChat only works with SMS and WhatsApp or directly to other PredictChat App users. Other messenger Apps are not supported at this time.

Can I edit or delete a PredictChat message I have sent

No. Once sent, a PredictChat message cannot be edited or deleted. If it is stored on the DataHub PredictMail Outbox, you may be able to delete it from there to avoid sending it.

Can I use PredictChat on more than one phone?

Yes, you can use the same PredictChat login on multiple phones. We recommend using one phone only with PredictChat.

Any messages you send or receive will not be synced between the phones so you may end up with fragments of conversation spread between the devices. We recommend keeping it simple and using one device so all your messages are in one place.

Can I only purchase PredictChat? I don't want PredictMail.

PredictChat is an add-on for PredictMail, so you must subscribe to PredictMail to use PredictChat. To receive PredictChat messages via the DataHub, you must also set up PredictMail on the DataHub and enable PredictChat for the email address.

PredictChat crashed; what is wrong with it?

PredictChat is a brand-new App. This is the first release. Please submit the crash report, and we will endeavour to resolve the issue which caused PredictChat to crash. Please bear with us, it will get better!

Change your PredictChat password

If you forgot your PredictChat password, it is the same as PredictMail. You can reset it in the Satellite Portal. Click on your PredictMail Account, then click Change Password.

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