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How to Change Your Iridium GO! Airtime Plan
How to Change Your Iridium GO! Airtime Plan
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To change your current PredictWind Iridium GO! data/airtime plan, please log in to your PredictWind Satellite Portal. All changes are made on the 'Accounts' page.

  • You can change your Iridium GO! monthly plan anytime during the month; the change will take effect immediately. You will be charged any overages due on the existing plan at the end of the month.

  • The monthly charge on the new plan will be prorated and paid immediately.

  • If you downgrade to a new plan partway through a month, there is no cash refund for the change of plan.

  • You can only have one plan change per month.

  • Yearly plans cannot be upgraded.

Please ensure you have followed ALL the steps outlined in the images below.

Step 1. On the Account page click on "Change Plan".

Step 2. Select your new plan.

Step 3. Confirm the plan that you are changing to.

Step 4. Select the recommended PredictWind Advanced Warranty (PAW). You can also choose to not take the PAW.

Step 5. Read the Terms and Conditions specific to your new plan. Then tick the box to accept the T&C's. Once you have ticked the box, the Continue button will be highlighted.

Step 6. Select your payment type. Please note this is card will be used for your monthly airtime charges.

Step 7. Enter your billing address. When all required fields are entered, the Submit button will be highlighted green.

Step 8. Review billing, then click on the green Confirm & Pay Button

Step 9 Confirmation. You will now see the confirmation page. You will also get and email confirming this change. If you do not see this page and receive the confirmation email please click here for more information.

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