We offer two completely separate subscriptions:  

A PredictWind Forecasting Subscription or an Iridium GO! Airtime Plan, so it is important that you cancel the correct subscription.  

  1. To cancel your PredictWind Forecasting Subscription:

  • From your PC/Mac login to your account on the PredictWind forecast website https://forecast.predictwind.com/ 

  • Click on the Settings wheel at the top right of the screen.

  • Select Billing from the drop-down box. 

  • Click on Change Plan.

  • Click on the Downgrade button, which is in the Free package option.

Please note, the cancellation is immediate and does not allow for any cash refunds.

2) To cancel your Iridium Go! Airtime Plan:

Please log in to the Satellite Portal with your username and password and click on the cancel link as shown in this screenshot. Please note, that the cancellation is immediate. You will need a brand-new PredictWind sim card in order to activate again in the future.

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