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Troubleshooting the Android Iridium Mail & Web App
Troubleshooting the Android Iridium Mail & Web App
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Very sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the Iridium Mail App. We have found this App to have numerous issues, and very challenging to support. You can see on the Play Store it only has a 2 star rating which evidence of the customer experience. For this reason, we have developed the PredictMail service, which allows you to use your existing favourite pop3 email client offshore. You can learn more about PredictMail on our website. We highly recommend you make the switch to PredictMail as soon as possible. We are very confident you will love the PredictMail service, and to give you confidence we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Troubleshooting instructions

If you are experiencing any issues with the Android Iridium Mail & Web App, please check the following:

  • Make sure you have carefully followed the Android Iridium Mail & Web setup instructions here

  • If you have registered for an Iridium email address, you should have received an email from stating your name, username and password. Keep this handy as you will need it to confirm the settings are correct in the App.

  • If your iridium email is (for example), your username is 'johnsmith' ****This is the main reason Iridium Mail does not work - due to using the incorrect username****

  • To check or reset your Iridium password go to

  • If you have registered an Iridium email address over 12 months ago, and have not used the email service for 12 months the email address will be deleted from the Iridium system, and you will need to register another email address.

  • Facebook and Twitter are no longer supported by Iridium.

  • The 'Iridium Mail & Web' app allows you to view text-only web pages using the XWeb web browser. It should be noted Android 10 and above no longer works with XWeb. Most websites are now running Https instead of Http, these changes have had implications for the usability of XWeb.


Turning on Diagnostics in the Iridium Mail App helps diagnose any potential issues. With 'Diagnostics' turned on, as you do a send/ receive request for email, the dialling sequence between the Iridium GO and the Iridium Mail App is broken down into individual line items that you can read, so you can see exactly where the issue may be. It is critical to check the spelling of the username and password when it appears.

To turn on Diagnostics > Open the Iridium Mail App > Click on Settings > At the bottom of the page > Turn on Diagnostics. Then try a new Send/ receive.


If your Iridium Mail & Web app says 'Not connected' or 'Device not found' please check the following:

  1. Try a full power off/on of the Iridium GO! and your tablet/mobile devices.

  2. Try > Go to Settings on your Android device > Apps > Scroll down to Iridium Mail App > select force stop > then turn your Android device into aeroplane mode > connect to the Iridium GO wifi > open the app. IF YOU DON'T DO IT IN THIS ORDER (CONNECT TO THE WIFI FIRST BEFORE OPENING THE IRIDIUM MAIL APP) IT MAY NOT WORK.

  3. Check your Android device is upgraded to the latest operating system.

  4. Make sure you have the latest version of the Iridium Mail & Web App version 1.0.0118. To check the version number > Open the Iridium Mail & Web App > Click on Settings > Below Diagnostics you will see the version #. To update, visit the Play Store.

  5. Turn off or uninstall any Ad Blocker Apps.

  6. Turn off, but ideally uninstall VPN Apps. Uninstalling any VPN is preferred, as we have seen VPN Apps override your earlier choice to turn it OFF in the settings. If you uninstall a VPN you will need to do a full restart of the device and Iridium GO before attempting to connect again.

  7. Please turn your device into Airplane Mode FIRST, then turn on Wi-Fi only. Ensure Bluetooth and cellular connections are turned off. **This is very important**

  8. Check the Android Wi-Fi of your device is connected to the Iridium GO! - not another network. If connected correctly it should show Iridium - XXXX 'Connected- No internet'

  9. Ensure you only have 1 device accessing the Iridium GO!, If you have multiple devices trying to use the Iridium GO! connection this can be a source of the issue.


If you cannot get emails to send/ receive please check the following settings

1/ Open the Iridium Mail & Web App

2/ Click on Settings

3/ This is where you enter your name, username and password (as confirmed by email from See here.

4/ Keep the 'Reply to' field empty - DO NOT add an email address in here

5/ Click SAVE

6/ Back in the Settings page Click on 'Connection'

7/ Under Connection Settings > Select Router > it should say 'Iridium Go for mobile devices'. See here.

8/ If it says SatStation or any other satellite device, tap on the drop-down menu and select 'iridium Go for Mobile Devices'

9/ Tap on Password and type the word guest. NOTE - 'guest' is the default password for logging in to the Iridium GO device. If you have changed the default username or password for the Iridium GO from 'guest' to something else this can be the issue. We HIGHLY recommend you do not change the default Iridium GO login username or password, but if you have changed it, this password field is where you add the new Iridium GO login password.


  1. Check you have the latest firmware 2.1.22.

  2. A lot of issues related to this program are due to an incorrect username/password. Can you please try resetting your password at

  3. Please note the username/password is case-sensitive. Also note your username is not the full email address. i.e. if your email address is the username is johnsmith

  4. Usernames must be 3-18 characters, all lower case, may contain periods(.), underscores(_) and hyphens(-)

  5. Passwords must be between 6-18 characters, upper and lower case are allowed, numbers are allowed, punctuation marks allowed are as follows . , ? ; : - _ () {} [] “ ‘

  6. Check the signal strength on the Iridium GO! LCD is at 5 bars at all times. Normally you will need to leave the marina where yacht masts and buildings can obstruct the view of the Iridium Satellites.

  7. Please try another device for the Iridium GO, and Iridium Mail & Web App.

  8. Uninstall the Iridium Mail & Web App (also XWeb for Android users), restart the device, install the app again and go through the setup process again. NOTE: When you uninstall the Iridium Mail & Web App all emails currently in the app are deleted and cannot be retrieved. You should save/ screenshot any important emails before uninstalling the app.

  9. Clear the Cache > After you have uninstalled/ reinstalled the Iridium Mail App Go to your Android device > Settings > Apps > Scroll down and select the Iridium Mail & Web App > Click on Storage > Clear data & Clear Cache

  10. Reset the Iridium GO with instructions below:

  • Turn on the Iridium GO!

  • Open the external antenna dust cover on the GO! unit.

  • Use a paper-clip or similar point, and press gently inside the Restore buttonhole. This is next to the antenna adaptor port. Be careful not to touch/break the antenna adaptor.

  • Follow the screen menu prompts to reset settings to factory defaults.

  • Important: All previous settings will be lost, the SSID will be reset, and any new users will be deleted.

We have seen the odd case where the Message (Service center) number is not correctly set up after a system reset. You can check this by connecting your Android device to the Iridium GO Wi-Fi, Open the Iridium GO App, go to "Settings", then menu "Message". Make sure the number is set to +881662900005


  1. Please open the Iridium Mail & Web App

  2. Go to "Mail" then the "Big Mail" folder.

  3. Click on the "Delete Big Mail" menu.

  4. Then please do another send/receive of email to delete the large emails that are blocking incoming emails.

If you believe your mailbox is blocked with too many emails and purging does not work, please try the following.

1. In the Iridium Mail and Web App start a download and then hit cancel. You will be given a series of options one of which is to halt the connection and delete all pending mail on the server.

2. If you have access to the internet then please follow this link and log in to your account. Select change email and scroll down the page to "Purge Big Mail" and click submit.

3. The last resort is to email with the account name and password that needs to be cleared out.

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