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How to connect a DataHub to the Internet with an iPhone via USB tethering charging cable
How to connect a DataHub to the Internet with an iPhone via USB tethering charging cable
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An easy way to connect your DataHub to the Internet is by using your iPhone's charging cable and plugging it into the USB socket on the DataHub, then activating a hotspot.

Connect your iPhone using the USB charging cable

  • Plug your iPhone into the USB charging cable.

  • Plug the USB charging end into the USB port on the DataHub, shown above.

  • When connected, your iPhone will pop up a prompt asking you to Trust This Computer? Tap Trust.

  • If you do not see a green banner across the top of your iPhone screen, turn your hotspot on by navigating to Settings, then tap Personal Hotspot and enable Allow Others to Join, as shown below.

Check that the DataHub has an Internet Connection

Important Note: The iPhone or Android device used to provide a USB tether for Internet to the DataHub cannot be the same device you use to log in to the DataHub because it will cause a loop back scenario.

The DataHub is getting internet from the phone USB tether, but when the iPhone logs into the DataHub Wi-Fi, it is trying to get internet from the DataHub, as the Wi-Fi is preferred over cellular data on the phone.

So connect to the DataHub Wi-Fi with another device to view and change the settings etc.

  • Connect to the DataHub via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable, then open a Chrome or Safari browser and type in the URL bar.

  • Log in with the default username admin and password admin.

  • If your iOS is providing a USB tether to the Internet, the WAN Interface status iOS USB Tether will be green and show the Status: Online.

  • To see this on a DataHub with older firmware, on the left menu, click Settings and on the top menu, click Internet Status.

Important Note: On older firmware, the iOS USB Tether status may take up to 2 minutes to update and turn green.

Congratulations! Your DataHub is now connected to the Internet.

Continue to Update DataHub Firmware?

If you are setting up the DataHub, please return to Step 1 and continue to Update the DataHub Firmware.

Quick Tips

  • iPhones starting from iOS 11 onwards, automatically terminate a USB data connection after one hour by default to improve security. You can change this on your iPhone by:

    • Navigating to Settings

    • Tap Touch ID/Face ID & Passcode

    • If it is not green, tap to enable Accessories

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