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DataHub my device cannot see the DataHub Wi-Fi
DataHub my device cannot see the DataHub Wi-Fi

I'm unable to connect to DataHub Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide

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Important Note: If your DataHub has been installed on your boat by a professional installer, please check if the DataHub Wi-Fi network name has been changed.

Firmware Upgrade: If you have just upgraded your DataHub Firmware and it has been over twenty minutes and you do not see DataHub Wi-Fi to reconnect, please power off and power on the device, then wait five minutes and try again. It's possible the Firmware upgrade didn't succeed, so please check the Firmware version and upgrade again if it has failed.

Troubleshooting - I cannot connect to DataHub Wi-Fi

Some devices can't join to 5ghz Wi-Fi, only 2.4ghz. There are 2 Wi-Fi radios in the DataHub, one is 2.4ghz, and the other 5ghz.

There is an option to change the 2 Wi-Fi radios around, so the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz change roles.

By default, the 2.4ghz connects your DataHub to the Wi-Fi networks supplying internet at your location, and the 5ghz is the access point that you use to connect your onboard devices like chart plotters to the DataHub

To change this around, you will need to go to the left menu Settings, then the top menu Profiles, then the section Swap Wi-Fi > Install.

You will be disconnected from the DataHub Wi-Fi while it changes the settings.

Please wait 30 seconds, then, on your device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, choose the DataHub, and connect to it again.

You will be connected to the DataHub with the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi instead.

Note, when you now want to connect the DataHub to the internet Wi-Fi, you will be using the 5ghz Wi-Fi, so what you are connecting to will need to be compatible with that also.

You may need to update the software on your DataHub if you don't see the Profiles tab.

Here is the link with info on how to check you have the latest version of the DataHub software.

Please try this, and if you need more help, contact us.

If you need to revert, you can repeat the process to swap Wi-Fi back to the original settings. Connecting back to the DataHub Wi-Fi after 30 seconds is important to lock in the changes. If it is longer than 90 seconds before you connect back to the DataHub, the swap settings will be disregarded.

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