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PredictMail through the DataHub has stopped working
PredictMail through the DataHub has stopped working
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If PredictMail has stopped working through the DataHub please check the following:

  • Your device is connected to the DataHub through Wi-Fi and is showing at least 2 bars of signal strength.

  • Restart your mail app, power off your device or reboot it.

  • The Validated status of your PredictMail User Account is yes in the DataHub.

    To view this select PredictMail from the left menu, this will open the Settings page on the top menu. Scroll down to the User Accounts section. If the status is:

    - no - no attempt has been made to validate your PredictMail account. Press the VALIDATE button to do this.

    - no net - re-establish internet connectivity to the DataHub.

    - invalid - check the email address is correct, re-enter the user account password, then press the VALIDATE button to save, apply and test it.

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