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GO exec how to reset the data counter/data meter
GO exec how to reset the data counter/data meter

How to reset the Data Counter / Data Meter on the GO exec

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The GO exec Data Counter is essential for tracking your satellite data transfer if you have not switched to the PredictWind Unlimited Data Plan.

The GO exec billing month begins at GMT 0000 on the 17th of each month. Immediately before or after is an excellent time to reset your data counter to ensure you know how much data has been transferred during the billing period through the device.

To reset the data counter, open the GO exec App when connected to GO exec to connected DataHub Wi-Fi, then:

  • Tap the Settings wheel.

  • Tap Device Settings.

  • Tap Admin Settings.

  • Tap Billing and Data Monitor.

  • Tap Reset data counter.

This will reset your Data counter to zero.

Please monitor the data transferred during the upcoming month through the App. The data counter also displays on the touchscreen when activating and during an Internet connection session.

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