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PredictMail I can't read email on the DataHub
PredictMail I can't read email on the DataHub

Why you cannot read PredictMail email on the DataHub Inbox

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If you cannot read an email on the DataHub PredictMail Inbox after clicking on the View button, this is most likely because the email is formatted as Rich Text.

The DataHub View button opens up a raw email viewer. This includes all the email headers and tracking information. It will also display the Rich Text Format email as received from the sender. The DataHub PredictMail Inbox has been designed to see messages to know what's held on the DataHub; it has not been designed as a fully-fledged email App.

To view this email, please configure an email App to check your PredictMail on the DataHub. Alternatively, click Download on a laptop and open it there. This will download the email as a *.EML file, which will likely launch an email App on your computer when you try to open it. This App will be able to read Rich Text Format emails.

The example below shows an email viewed on the DataHub, which includes both Text and Rich Text Format messages. The Rich Text is at the bottom.

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