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Iridium GO! exec Setup
GO exec Setup Review and next steps
GO exec Setup Review and next steps
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Setup Complete! Testing and pre-departure checklist

Congratulations! You have completed the GO exec Setup Guide.

Over the coming weeks, please test your GO exec using the Iridium and Offshore Apps often to familiarise yourself with calling, downloading weather GRIBs and running routes.

Important next steps

  • Review the GO exec Checklist more than a week before leaving port. This will allow enough time to seek help to resolve any issues before you set off.

  • Close all the rubber grommets on the ports you are not using to prevent salt water or air from entering. The GO exec IP65 waterproof rating applies only when all the grommets are fully closed.

Iridium GO exec Storage

The GO exec is a critical safety device. When you have finished your voyage or seasonal travel, it is essential to store the GO exec correctly and maintain it so the GO exec is ready to go again when you are.

  • Half charge the battery. Fully charge if planning to store for six months or more.

  • Disconnect the device from the charger.

  • Power down the GO exec into Storage Mode. To do this:

    Touchscreen: Tap the Settings cog->Power Off the Device, enable Activate Storage Mode, and tap Power Off.

    GO exec App: Tap the Settings cog->Device Settings->Admin Settings->Power off my Iridium GO! exec device, enable Activate storage mode, then tap Power Off.

  • Lower the internal antenna.

  • Cancel your SIM card plan. Do not attempt to remove it from the device.

  • Place the device in a dry container, ideally airtight or waterproof, to prevent moisture build-up.

When you're ready to use your device again, please connect it to an original Iridium charger and fully charge it before use. It will lose a fraction of its charge per month, approximately 1-3%. Lithium-ion batteries can be stored for up to ten years with minimal loss of capacity. If you half-charged the battery and delay your travel plans six months later, please reconnect it to the charger and top it up again.

To power it up again, lift the Internal antenna. Long-press the touchscreen power button for up to 15 seconds if it does not power on.

Do not freeze your battery. This will not improve its storage life. Freezing may destroy the battery by altering its chemistry and create a potential fire hazard.

Buy a DataHub for GPS Tracking, PredictMail and more!

If you have not yet purchased a DataHub, we recommend you buy one and set it up, particularly before heading offshore. The DataHub adds important capabilities to the GO exec, such as GPS Tracking including True Wind Speed & Direction and many more.

Additionally, if you've selected the GO exec Unlimited Plan, to get the best value from this plan, we recommend both the DataHub and PredictMail, which includes PredictChat, for satellite-optimized email and SMS/WhatsApp messaging.

Useful Resources in the PredictWind Help Centre

If you've not yet seen these Help Centre Collections, please have a look to learn more before you depart:

PredictWind FAQ & Webinars - YouTube webinars and articles about weather models and tools, such as weather routing and how to interpret forecast data.

Iridium GO exec - review Additional Help Resources and Troubleshooting

During your pre-departure testing, please contact us if you get stuck or need help with any issues.

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