PredictWind can provide a customized GPS tracking web page for your boat. This web page can be accessed by your friends and family and does not require them to have a PredictWind account. The web page can be viewed in a web browser, or embedded in your blog or website. Please see an example of the tracking at

We recommend using an Iridium GO! for automatic hourly updates to your GPS tracking web page. This is important for safety and convenience, as friends can check your track, and see your boat speed and heading.

If you do not have an Iridium GO! unit, you can send GPS updates manually via email.

If you would like a tracking page please let us know the following:

  1. Your PredictWind login email - you will need to have purchased the PredictWind Standard or Professional package. If you do not have a PredictWind Iridium GO! SIM card you will need to have purchased the Professional package.

  2. Your boat name.

  3. If you have activated your SIM card, please let us know your Iridium Phone Number.

Please click here for more information to get a GPS tracking page setup today.

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