The marine weather information supplied are simply a re-transmission of the JCOMM official web site. The forecasts are originally supplied by National Meteorological Services within the framework of the WMO Marine Broadcast System for the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.

Downloading the GMDSS and getting used to the text based output is important prior to departure. This is written by a meteorologist advising of adverse weather conditions. The file size is small at approximately 3kB, it would be prudent to download at least every 12 hours.

Please follow the instructions to receive a GMDSS forecast:

  • Move your start point (green) and your destination point (red) to your desired locations. Each time you change your route the App automatically selects the relevant GMDSS areas.

  • Select the 'GMDSS Forecasts' from the left menu.

  • You can also manually select additional areas by clicking on the GMDSS areas. Darker shading shows that an area has been selected.

  • Click ‘Download’ button from the left menu.

  • Select the 'GMDSS Forecast' checkbox.

  • Click ‘Next' & 'Download All"

  • Click on the link (e.g II 0 hrs ago) in the area to view a GMDSS Forecast.

  • A white dialogue box will appear with the GMDSS forecast. You may need to scroll the page.

  • Click red 'X' close (top right corner of the white dialogue box) to return to the map.

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