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How to set up PredictMail on your Mac computer using Apple Mail
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PredictMail account setup procedure for Mac OS.

Note: You will need to have created a PredictMail account before completing this process. Click here to create a PredictMail account.

  1. Open Apple Mail on our Mac, then click on Mail (top left of the screen) and select “Add Account”.

2. Select “Other Mail Account”, then click on the "@Mail Account" to continue.

3. Enter your name and your PredictMail email address, and your PredictMail password.

You will have received this when you signed up for a PredictMail Subscription.

Click Sign In.

4. Click Sign In.

5. In the next popup:

  • Enter your PredictMail password, and change your Account Type to POP.

  • Enter for the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers

6. Click Sign In

7. Your mail is now configured.

8. To confirm, click on the Apple symbol, top left of the computer > System Preferences > Internet Accounts > PredictMail should now display if you have successfully set it up.

9. Select Preferences/ Settings to customize Mac Mail settings.

10. Select Accounts > PredictMail > Server Settings

11. Uncheck “Automatically manage connection settings”. It is not necessary and will display the authentication settings set by the email client when probing the DataHub.

12. Select “Account Information” and check “Remove copy from server after retrieving a message. Then select “Immediately”. This will save disk space on the DataHub since emails moved into the trash will be discarded.

13. Choose “Mailbox Behaviors” to set how Mac Mail manages Junk and Deletes messages, or leave it as default.

14. Enter your email address in lowercase. Note that the username is case sensitive, so enter them in exactly as specified when configuring your account on the DataHub. We suggest for simplicity, always use lowercase letters for your username.

15. To use this service with your DataHub, follow the set DataHub PredictMail set-up tutorial here.

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