Apple Mail for iPad/iPhone

How to set up PredictMail on your iPad/ iPhone using the Apple Mail App

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Before you start

  • Do you have a PredictMail account?

    If you do not have a PredictMail account, please set one up first in the Satellite Portal.

  • Have you set up PredictMail on the DataHub?

    Please set up PredictMail on the DataHub before you set up PredictMail for Mac. This will ensure that after you reconnect your Mac to DataHub Wi-Fi, it will not report an error when it attempts to check PredictMail.

  • Disconnect from DataHub Wi-Fi. Connect to the Internet via your home, another high-speed Wi-Fi or a hot spot from another device. If you use an Ethernet cable or a USB tether to connect your Mac to the Internet, please temporarily disable your Mac Wi-Fi so it is disconnected from DataHub Wi-Fi.

  • This guide has been written using AppleMail for iOS 16.5.1(c) on an iPhone. If you are using an older version of iOS, the steps, screens, and options may differ slightly.

Apple Mail for iPad/iPhone set up for PredictMail

On your iPhone/iPad, tap the Settings menu, then:

  • Swipe down and tap Mail, tap Accounts, then tap Add Account.

  • Tap Other, then Add Mail Account.

  • Type in your Name, Predicmail Email Address, Password & Description

  • Tap POP.

  • Type in the PredictMail Incoming Mail Server details:

    • Host Name:

    • Username: Your PredictMail email address (all lowercase)

    • Password: Your PredictMail password

  • Type in the PredictMail Outgoing Mail Server Details:

    • Host Name:

    • Username: Your PredictMail email address (all lowercase)

    • Password: Your PredictMail password

  • Tap Save to verify your settings.

    The account will take 1-2 minutes to complete verification. This delay is expected.

Congratulations! You have now set up Apple Mail for iOS.

If you have completed DataHub setup and Step 1 - Setup PredictMail on the DataHub, then to use Apple Mail with your DataHub, connect it to DataHub Wi-Fi.

Next Steps

If you have other devices you wish to use with PredictMail, please review How to set up PredictMail on iOS, Android, PC & Mac for more setup articles.


Change your PredictMail password

If you forgot your PredictMail password, you can reset it in the Satellite Portal. Click on your PredictMail Account, then click Change Password.

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