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How to set up PredictMail on your Android device using Gmail

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Before you start

  • Do you have a PredictMail account?

    If you do not have a PredictMail account, please set one up first in the Satellite Portal.

  • Have you set up PredictMail on the DataHub?

    Please set up PredictMail on the DataHub before you set up PredictMail for Mac. This will ensure that after you reconnect your Mac to DataHub Wi-Fi, it will not report an error when it attempts to check PredictMail.

  • Connect to the Internet via your device's cellular data, home or another high-speed Wi-Fi, or a hot spot from another device. Disconnect from and do not use DataHub Wi-Fi during the PredictMail setup.

  • This guide has been written using Gmail for Android on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Android 9 v2023.07.23.553967039. If you are using another version of Gmail, mobile or version of Android, the steps, screens, and options may differ slightly.

Add a PredictMail account to Gmail for Android

  • Please go to the Play Store, download Gmail, or scan the QR code below with your device's camera and open the URL, then install it.

  • Open Gmail on your Android.

  • Tap the three horizontal line hamburger menu top left of the Gmail main screen.

  • Drag or swipe down and tap Settings.

  • Tap Add Account.

  • Tap Other.

(Tap on the image to view it full size in a new window if required.)

  • Type in your PredictMail email address and tap NEXT.

  • Tap Personal (POP3) for the type of account.

  • Check the Incoming Server Settings are correct and tap NEXT.

  • Type in your PredictMail email password.

  • Tap the eye to reveal and check the password is correct, then tap NEXT.

  • Gmail will verify your incoming server settings.

  • Check the Outgoing server settings are correct.

  • Tap the eye to reveal and check your password is correct, then tap NEXT.

  • Choose your notification settings, then tap NEXT.

  • Edit your Account Name (description) and Your Name if you wish to, and tap NEXT.

Congratulations! You have now set up Gmail for Android.

If you have completed DataHub setup and Step 1 - Setup PredictMail on the DataHub, then to use Mail with your DataHub, connect it to DataHub Wi-Fi.

Important Note: When checking PredictMail via Gmail for Android while connected to DataHub Wi-Fi, there is no need to connect your GO exec to the Internet. The DataHub will do this per its PredictMail polling setting automatically on the All Blocked GO exec Web/App profile.

Please do not manually start a GO exec Internet connection on the Web/App profile Gmail, as this will allow your Gmail App full access to the Internet, which may use a lot of data quickly, leading to data overages and bill shock if you are not on the PredictWind Unlimited Data Plan.

Next Steps

If you have other devices you wish to use with PredictMail, please review How to set up PredictMail on iOS, Android, PC & Mac for more setup articles.


Connecting to the DataHub

When the DataHub is only connected to the Internet using the Iridium GO! or GO exec, an Android device may initially display a Limited connection warning when connected to Datahub Wi-Fi. Please accept the displayed prompt before using Gmail to send or receive emails through the Datahub.

To do this:

  • Open the Notification Panel by dragging your finger down from the top left of the screen.

  • Tap on the Android System notification that indicates the DataHub Wi-Fi has Limited connectivity, and tap Tap to connect anyway.

  • A prompt will be shown, tap the checkbox Don't ask again for this network, then tap Yes.

  • You can now use Gmail while the Datahub is connected to the Iridium GO exec or Iridium GO! only for the Internet.

  • If you already had Gmail for Android open in the background, you may need to force-close and reopen Gmail, or reboot your phone to work on DataHub Wi-Fi.

Change your PredictMail password

If you forgot your PredictMail password, you can reset it in the Satellite Portal. Click on your PredictMail Account, then click Change Password.

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