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Quick start guide for PredictMail in Outlook on Android

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Outlook on Android

Before you start

  • Do you have a PredictMail account?

    If you do not have a PredictMail account, please set one up first in the Satellite Portal.

  • Connect to the Internet via your device's cellular data, home or another high-speed Wi-Fi, or a hot spot from another device. Disconnect from and do not use DataHub Wi-Fi during the PredictMail setup.

  • Please go to the Play Store and download the Microsoft Outlook App, or scan the QR code below with your device's camera and open the URL:

Open the Outlook App and Add your PredictMail Account

  • Tap Add Account.

  • If you see a page titled Accounts Found, tap Skip these Accounts.

  • Type in the PredictMail email you have registered all in lowercase letters eg. johnsmith@predictmail.com.

  • Tap Continue

  • Tap POP3 to select it as the account type.

Troubleshooting Tip: If you are unable to see an option to tap POP3, or after tapping Continue, you are presented with a screen to Connect IMAP, please review this tip.

Add your PredictMail Account Settings

Please complete all the information in the fields provided. Please make sure each field is completed and you have double-checked each setting, especially your password and the Port numbers, before tapping the white checkmark in the top right-hand side of the App.

  • Your Email Address is automatically entered: eg. johnsmith@predictmail.com

  • Enter your desired Display Name: eg. John Smith

  • Enter a mailbox Description: eg. Work (optional)

  • Enter the Pop Host Name: predictmail.com (please note all lowercase)

  • Enter the Port: 995

  • The default Security type is: SSL/TLS (you do not need to change this)

Swipe down the page.

  • Enter your PredictMail address as the POP Username: eg johnsmith@predictmail.com (Please note it must be lowercase)

  • Enter the password you set for your PredictMail account.

    Tip: To check your password by tapping the "eye" logo. Passwords are case-sensitive.

  • Enter the SMTP Outgoing Email Server: predictmail.com

  • Change the Security type to: StartTls

  • Update the default Port from 465 to: 587

    Note: You will need to change this. The default Port will not work.

  • Enter: SMTP Username: eg johnsmith@predictmail.com (Please note lowercase)

  • Enter SMTP password: Enter the password you set for your PredictMail account.

    Tip: To check your password tap the "eye" logo. Passwords are case-sensitive.

  • Tap the white checkmark at the top right of the App to verify and save your account settings.

Troubleshooting Tip: If verification fails, please carefully check your settings are all correct, including your password. Please check the server hostnames and email usernames for POP and SMTP are all in lowercase.

If you are sure everything is correct, please exit Outlook, uninstall the App, reboot your phone, download it again and retry. Preinstalled or older versions of the Outlook for Android App on some devices may experience this.

  • Tap Maybe Later

Test your new PredictMail set up in Outlook

  • Tap New email and send a test email to your regular land-based email account to test PredictMail is set up and working on your device.

  • Please wait up to two minutes, then check your regular email account to confirm that you have received the email. You may need to click Send/Receive or Sync on your regular email.

  • Send a reply back to your PredictMail account.

  • Please wait up to two minutes, if the reply has not appeared yet, then drag down on your screen in the Android Outlook App Inbox to manually Send/Receive or Sync.

Quick Tips

Sending Emails with DataHub via Iridium GO or Iridium GO! Exec

With a PredictWind DataHub, you can send email through the DataHub while connected to its Wi-Fi. Please see this help article for a step-by-step guide to Send and Receive emails with the DataHub using an Iridium GO exec! /Iridium GO! while offshore.

I can't find an email in my Outlook App

To find missing email in Outlook for Android switch off Focused Inbound and Organize by thread. To change these:

  • Tap the House icon.

  • Tap the Settings cog icon.

  • Swipe down to the Email section.

  • Disable Focused Inbox.

  • Disable Organize by thread.


I cannot add a POP3 mail account in Outlook on Android

If Outlook automatically opens a page titled "Connect IMAP" when you enter your PredictMail address, please:

  • Tap the Help ? speech bubble.

  • Tap Change account provider.

  • POP3 should now be available to tap. Please follow this link to continue with the instructions from above.

I cannot receive new emails in Outlook for Android

While your device is connected to regular Internet or DataHub Wi-Fi, if your Outlook App is unable to complete a Send/Receive or sync session within a minute, you may see an arrow below spinning which does not time out.

Please exit Outlook and re-open the App. If Outlook has already connected to the DataHub and downloaded your new emails they will appear. This is a known issue with POP mail collection in Outlook for Android.

Change your PredictMail password

If you forgot your PredictMail password, you can reset it in the Satellite Portal. Click on your PredictMail Account, then click Change Password.

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