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Windows Outlook Set up for PredictMail

Note: You will need to have created a PredictMail account before completing this process. Click here to create a PredictMail account.

1. Open Outlook on your Windows PC while connected to the regular internet and select the file from the top left. Then select + Add Account.

2. Type in the PredictMail email you have registered for. Example jsmith@predictmail.com

3. Click on Connect

4. Select the connection type as POP

5. Fill out all the information like this, then press Next

6. Then enter the password you set for your PredictMail account when you registered Select Connect

7. Then it will show you everything is set up. Select Done

8. Now you can select your new PredictMail account inbox and send a test email to another email address you have to test; also, check you can receive emails.

With a PredictWind DataHub, you have the ability to send email through the DataHub while connected to its Wi-Fi. This document here will cover the steps necessary to allow the DataHub to compress emails, and to be sent through the Iridium GO or Iridium Go! exec while offshore.

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