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How to set up PredictMail when using Outlook on a Mac
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1. Open Outlook on your Mac while connected to regular internet, then click on Outlook from the top left corner of the screen > Select Settings > Select accounts > Select +, then New Account.

2. Type in the PredictMail email you have registered for. Example jsmith@predictmail.com Then click Continue

3. Select the Connection type as PoP if not already selected, then add your PredictMail password. Toggle on Advanced settings. Do not click Add account yet.

4. Fill in the SMTP username (xxxx@predictmail.com) and PredictMail password; these are, then, click Add Account.

5. Check the POP Incoming Server is mail.predictmail.com with port 995 and the SMTP Outgoing Server is mail.predictmail.com with port 587. Change these if necessary. Depending on your version of Outlook, they may be different when initially setting up the email account.

6. Your PredictMail account has now been added to your Outlook email client.

You can switch to this account or back to the regular email account on the Outlook main menu by clicking on the email account.

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