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Step 3: Setup the Iridium GO! App, make an outbound call, send SMS and update the Firmware
Step 3: Setup the Iridium GO! App, make an outbound call, send SMS and update the Firmware
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The free Iridium GO! App is used to make voice phone calls, send SMS text messages and provide SOS functionality with the Iridium GO! It is available on Apple (iPhone/ iPad) and Android devices only. It is not available for a Windows or Mac computer.

When you have:

Then you are ready to set up your Iridium GO! device using the GO! App.

Before you start

Power on your Iridium GO! in a location with a clear view of the sky or with the external antenna connected. Raise the internal antenna to power on the device.

Once raised, the device will automatically complete the power-up sequence in approximately 1 minute and will begin registration with the Iridium network. Once registered, the LED light will turn green, and the signal strength icon will appear on the screen. If the SIM card has not been activated, no signal strength will be shown. If you have two SIM cards ordered, please check you have the correct SIM card inserted.

Setup Iridium GO! App on your smartphone

Wi-Fi Connect your device to the Iridium GO!

  • Your smartphone or tablet device MUST be connected via Wi-Fi to the Iridium GO! in order for the Iridium GO! App to operate.

  • Please turn ON the Airplane/flight mode, then on your iOS or Android device, connect to the wireless network created by your Iridium GO. It will look something like 'IRIDIUM-xxxxxx.'

  • No password is required.

  • Ensure your devices have Bluetooth capability turned OFF to avoid networking connectivity issues.

Other Wi-Fi networks can be an issue as your device 'searches' and connects to the best Wi-Fi signal. You may need to forget other networks so it does not try to connect to, say, your home/marina Wi-Fi.

Login to the Iridium GO! App

  • Open the Iridium GO! App, then press the submit button.

  • Both the username/password for the Iridium GO! App are: guest - all lowercase.

  • This username/password does not need to be changed and is NOT related to your PredictWind account.

  • Up to 5 devices can be wirelessly connected to the Iridium GO at one time, but only allowing 1 user to make calls or access data at one time.

  • To avoid conflict between devices, we recommend only having 1 device connected at a time.

Iridium GO! How to make Outbound calls

To make an outbound call on the Iridium GO! ensure you see strong coverage in the App, 4-5 bars is ideal, then tap on the green Call icon in the Iridium GO! App:

  • Enter the full international calling number e.g. 001555654321 or +1555654321

  • Tap the green call button to initiate the call.

Iridium GO! How to send an SMS

To send an SMS using the GO:

  • Tap the orange Message icon.

  • Tap the New Message icon.

  • Tap and type in the full international dial number of the recipient.

  • Tap and type in your message text.

  • Tap the green up arrow to send.

Iridium GO! Firmware Upgrade Version 2.1.22

Please check you have the latest Iridium GO! firmware by opening the Iridium GO! App, log in and, go to the Help icon, click on the "About" menu. The Iridium GO! The Firmware version should be 2.1.22. It is critical that you have the latest firmware for a reliable connection and for the Apps to work.

The Iridium GO! device contains an internal website portal that can be used to upgrade the Firmware. You will need a Laptop and a high-speed internet connection to download the Firmware file. For detailed instructions on upgrading the firmware, click here.

Move on to Step 4

You are now ready to move on to Step 4: How to set up SOS with the Iridium GO!

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