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DataHub Firmware update failed
DataHub Firmware update failed

Troubleshooter for failed DataHub Firmware upgrades

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If you have just upgraded your DataHub Firmware, it has been over twenty minutes, and you cannot see DataHub Wi-Fi to reconnect; please power off and power on the device, wait five minutes, and try again.

It's possible the Firmware upgrade didn't succeed, so please check the Firmware version and upgrade again if it has failed.

Unable to update DataHub Firmware - download failed

If you're unable to commence updating the DataHub Firmware, please see this help article and follow the steps as if you are updating an older DataHub:

We recommend updating DataHub Firmware using a laptop, not a mobile device or tablet. If the download fails, please retry, or, connect your DataHub to the Internet via a different method and then retry.

Important Note: Please ensure your DataHub maintains power during the Firmware update, or it might destroy the device (brick it).

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