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PredictMail security certificate has expired
PredictMail security certificate has expired

How to update the email security certificate for PredictMail if it has expired

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The DataHub and PredictMail servers maintain a security certificate to encrypt and protect your email in transit. This security certificate expires yearly and must be renewed between the PredictMail Internet servers and DataHub.

If your email App reports an error due to an expired security certificate, this can be easily resolved by:

  • Connecting the DataHub to land-based Wi-Fi, cellular or Starlink internet.

  • Log into the DataHub, click on PredictMail.

  • Click the Connection top menu.

  • Click the large green CONNECT button to check the email manually.

  • See the new certificate install in the logs.

  • Now check the email again on your email App, and it should check successfully via DataHub Wi-Fi.

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